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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wisconsin Should Ban the Use of Soft Plastic Baits 08 09 2012

Wisconsin Should Ban the Use of Soft Plastic Baits 08 09 2012

If you would not eat that plastic worm then you should not eat a fish that ate it and metabolized it into its flesh and blood.  I have never heard a scientific study that abdicated someone eating plastic.  Quite to the contrary PVC’s have been a major environmental contaminant in our water systems and have accumulated in the bodies of fish decades long after the effluent pumps of the polluting factories were shut down.  And they are known to be a human health hazard.

We do indeed have the chemistry technology to make plastic worms that pose no health hazard.  The reality is that your child sitting next to you on the boat seat or pier seat should be able to munch them down just like gummy bears type of candy.  Why again?  Because if your children are eating fish hooked and lost that have metabolized plastic worms they are essentially doing just that- eating the plastic worm.

I believe that an edible fishing “worm” and soft type bait could be synthesized to make it able to hold up better in the water and not dissolve.  The technology could involve soybean or other plant based synthesis chemistry's that do not rely on poisons or compounds derived from poisons as catalysts.  If you polled every high school chemistry class in Wisconsin I bet there would be one student who could come up with the solution.  Whatever is developed should be made available to use under a general use patent so that the use of the baits is not subverted and there is a reversion to the old baits.

Also if Wisconsin were to outlaw plastic hard baits and entirely new industry would develop in Wisconsin- that of making lures from wood.
We just know that plastic isn’t good to eat.  That is common sense neglected in terms of plastic worms as bait- ingested by fish, distributed in their flesh and blood and eaten by humans.

My point is that PCB's or (PVC's?) accumulate in the human body and cause birth defects and no loving parent wants to give birth to a child with birth defects over a normal child.  You want to know what else I believe; that a great many chemicals were pushed to market without regard to long term consequences in favor of wealth. 

 Fisherman usually end up buying a bag or two of these soft plastic baits a year and the majority of them end up in the lakes and rivers.  They also have the potential to mutate the life reproductive cycle of a fish.  This was not written with regard to Lake Michigan Perch but another valid point is that when you don't know what is causing less perch to be in Lake Michigan you take all responsible steps that you can to prevent it from happening.  There needs to be detailed water clarity and quality analysis with regard to Lake Michigan Perch as well as what chemicals have accumulated in their flesh.

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