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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Demonic Possession is 01 04 2014

Demonic Possession is 01 04 2014

Demonic Possession is a beast of a woman trying to overlay her sodomized or mentally retarded soul over that of a human being!  Thereby displacing the human soul!  After which the beast seeks to take that human beings body for a joy ride and create as much horror for the world as she can.
Why?  Because she can not see and understand the world through her own eyes as a human being would!  Therefore it is the happiest time in her life when she can make a criminal deserving of punishment or death out a of a human being.  And that is a rhetorical implication as to her own nature and recompense.
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The rate of Schizophrenia in the United States has doubled in the last one or two decades according to a radio program I heard. 
It is essentially demonic possession by those who do not have their own human conscience or human reason.
U.S. Military bases and schizophrenia.  Compare the charts from two following websites:
And the red white and gray graph on the next link.
What does the doubling of the rate of schizophrenia in the United States equate to?  The fall of the Berlin Wall, increased immigration from Mexico and broadened U.S. manufacturing in China and trade with China and also from the increased use of drugs and alcohol in our country!  And they have increased because we have so many new forms of abuse- each having the potential to influence the conception and birth of a person to be a beast and not a human being.  Now I originally thought that there would be a high correlation to where United States military bases are present and the instance of the disease in those populations but it appears to be just the opposite.
I have not completely read the following links to the 10 or so virologists that were murdered after 911 but what it does document is that they were murdered.  So it indeed questions one to ask what the motivation would be.

For that many to have been murdered there had to have been something very monumental that they had discovered that people wanted to keep secret.  And the only thing that could be would be the nature of DNA comparisons among human beings.  Could it be that the aides virus really creates a human entity that is the equivalent of the above beast?  And also could that virus not be a virus at all but part of the natural DNA of the races mentioned above?  Somehow tainted or a stepped down version?  Those virologist might have also been able to pinpoint the source of the virus to a Government entity?  Virologist are good a figuring out where DNA originated from.
Loss of human immunity might also indicate loss of both human reason and loss of human conscience- what makes us humans rather than beasts who would prey on the minds and lives of humans.
But what is the eventuality here?  It is that when there are no more human beings souls to prey on because they have all been destroyed then that which lives and learns from the human soul cannot learn at all!  And if it cannot learn at all its lesser form of human being becomes extinct along with the human being race that it made extinct!  And it does indeed have to do with the drive towards monotheism.  Monotheism being the belief in only one God.  What that really means is the beast of the woman who is receptive upon the demonized soul gets very confused if two or more human beings are thinking anywhere in the world!  So in reality it can be thought of as either only us or them, and if it is only them they too will be no more because they do not have their own human reason human conscience or the ability to learn and remember based on their own life’s experience.  Two men that can think for themselves have no problem being with one another and working together.  But if you put a monkey brain equivalent with two men that monkey gets frustrated because it cannot permanently imprint its mind to just one!  And that is indeed what Schizophrenia is, the beast of a woman seeking to make a permanent link to the mind of a human being in order to be a permanent imprint!  Those voices a man or woman human being hears are indeed the establishment and maintenance of that link connection!  And as stated above she wants to be able to have the will and the power to take it for a joy ride and create as much horror in the world as she can when she chooses to end the use of that template of a mind.  And indeed the term God has been misstated from what it actually meant in Biblical times and it has been misrepresented by every modern religion.  Perhaps the term, “The Church of Latter Day Saints” was the best attempt to correct it.
And if you look at the depictions of the slaves in Egypt on the archeological paintings you will see that they indeed looked like the monkeys from the Movie “The Planet of the Apes!”  The above archetype of a beast woman is highly consistent with how apes chose to raise their young in groups managed by a few adult females rather than fathers and sons.  Hence the Bible insult to Jesus Christ, the Jew, from others -“Son of Man!”

Ones who live off the souls of others are basically Free Riders!  And indeed they are comprised by both the wealthy and the poor!  They are indeed the cause of Schizophrenia.

Countermeasure prayer:
“You are what you are. Please do not bring your horror to the world.”

Thomas Paul Murphy
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