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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Demonic Possession Starts by her Evil Thoughts 01 04 2014

Demonic Possession Starts by her Evil Thoughts 01 04 2014

Schizophrenic; none of your evil thoughts were ever yours!  They were the beast of a woman opportunizing her influence on your mind.  They were her way of proving that she wave a part of you when she wasn’t.
So why does she do it?  In order to attempt to make you feel guilty for your ability for human thought so that you might abandon your ability and become a zombie while she is then empowered by defeating the concept of thinking humanity.
She and her brood are that which cannot think for themselves because they have minds of reactive animals.

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When will you first notice she is with you?  If you find yourself overreacting to other people!  And she of course will do her very best to cause human beings to overreact so that she can become a part of their life’s path in a bad way!
Can you tell who she is?  She would be like a German Grandmother or woman that sits and thinks as if the wiring or switch to her eyeballs is turned off and she is watching a movie of another persons life!
The best thing you could do for her would be to distract her from living in a sloth of her own mind world.
1.       Tell her to do something.
2.       Give her some work she must think and do by a certain time.
3.       Start her talking about her childhood or other topics you know she doesn’t like so that she might become more comfortable with her own life.

Following the theme from my writing of the past few days, “We have a right to know who is mentally retarded.”  Well at least the good people do, to the bad people they are just more raw material to turn into victims for money.  And maybe that is why the good need to know “on sight.”
Does this woman have an adult history of spending her daytime waking hours in a trance whereby her “mind” is scheming in hatred and envy; of the innocent?
While she is in this trance does her jaw look like she would be verbalizing curses even though she is silent?  (If you are reading this it means you would love my novel “The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper”) While she is in this trance do her eyes look savagely intent; like she is a beast on the run after prey to sink her teeth into? What type of sons does a woman like this bear?  They are not “We The People!”
Thoughts you might have as a Countermeasure:
“You remember momma don’t you boy?”
“You remember your papa don’t you boy?”
These work to defeat demonic possession because there is something about the reality and memory of her childhood that she cannot deal or cope with; that is why she needs the soul of a human being separate and distinct from her own in order to get by.  These thoughts jar her thinking of herself as being part of your family!
More countermeasures:
Is she in a group with those exactly like her?  Then bar her from participating in activity with them!  Instead give her work to do on a sewing machine.
Awhile back a news program like 60 minutes stated that organized crime took a 10% cut out of all textiles coming into the United States as they came through New York!
In order to facilitate change in our country so that everyone will be able to live in compliance with the United States Constitution the following action must be taken.  Every Italian, Chinese, Black and German women (might have missed a few nationalities but they will be added) will no longer be able to buy clothes for themselves and their own families in the United States!!!  Instead they will be able to buy rolls of fabric to make them themselves!  Denim for jeans, leather for gloves and shoes, wool for hats.  There will no longer be any STREGA’s living here!  You are not going to be allowed drag the entirety of the human race into extinction!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

If a Cabala Coven had indeed found novel ways to attempt to imprint the minds of their young from the mind of a man who is demonized for that purpose those children would still not be imprinted with the mind of a man but rather the mind of the lead offense that demonized that mind; a woman!

That is indeed something to consider when you watch Presidents of the United States that did not have true father figures in their homes try and make laws regarding gun control? (That is at least Barrack and Clinton, also any father that drinks alcohol is not imprinting his sons mind either because for much of his life he himself will be in a state of mental stupor!  So indeed boys are at best imprinted with the minds of mental stupor in households where there is a father and he drinks.  Now I can't prove the imprinting by demonization concept without the use of scientific equipment but I can prove quite a bit with just the valid and scientific principle of a father teaching his son how to do things out of love and their brainwaves indeed becoming the same- that is imprinting.   Barrack needs to come clean and tell us if he himself was ever threatened with a gun, while he lived in Chicago?  What did they make you do Barrack?

For example in the Essene Jewish religion the boys minds were not imprinted with that of the exiled priest but rather that of the evil master!  So what indeed did they seek to do after being imprinted in that manner?  It is said that groups of 10 left and went on pilgrimiges?  Who were the hunting?  That which they were raised to hate and their minds were imprinted by the evil master that the exiled priest- a human being- wast their prey! 

Bottom line if that man can't raise your children you should not have married him.  And you would think you are doing a good thing, that you can emulate the mind of men but you don't you just create waste, like a shrewdness of apes tossing banana peals where they sleep, the mercury piles into the water, the smokestacks won't be made smokeless because you can't understand the importance of the health of other human beings?

In all cases the mind is not imprinted by one under duress, what really happens is that the mind becomes the same as the one that is repulsive of men and thinking of men.

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