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Friday, January 3, 2014

Livestock Abuse and human overdose from Veterinarian Drugs 01 03 2014

Livestock Abuse and human overdose from Veterinarian Drugs 01 03 2014

So the livestock are beaten with chains in Wisconsin.  That was the news awhile back.  I have seen more sick looking livestock that the farms that have been implicated.  I have seen cows with missing eyeballs, etc.

And in fact the ground beef sold in my community has not been good for as long as I can remember it tastes like spinach!

The livestock are abused the stress hormones in their bodies then increase from that abuse and we ingest them and also get sick.  Then the Vet administers antibiotics to the animals because it is more prone to becoming sick.  And when their is a flu you and I can't have them because they were given to the cows and other livestock and their is said to be antibiotic resistance!

But where do all the flu's originate from in the first place, Swine flue and bird flu etc. Livestock!

I have always asked myself how come the drug trade in the United States has not been stopped?  The key to understanding how that can best be answered comes from the following deductive logic.

A Bull can weigh as much as 3,000 pounds!  That is more than some cars.  It takes an awful lot of drugs to treat one of those much more than a human being.  Are livestock given opiates when they are in pain?  Heroin is indeed an opiate, and their is a great list of them.  They are narcotics.

But how much does it take to treat a 3,000 pound cow versus a 200 pound man?  Now I don't know anything about how drugs are CUT.  And heroin is deadly enough no matter how you take it.  But what is more important here is, those human beings that are dying of a heroin overdose is that heroin coming from veterinarians?  And would a vet give a farmer a syringe and tell him to inject that cow in 6 hours with it because he can't be there all that time?  The question then becomes does the vet or the farmer cut those drugs and package them for human beings.

I don't know where they get their meat from but it has been awful and it has to have a bad to bad to bad person connection there.

I guess I don't really care that a cow has a missing eyeball, if it happened when it was being taken to market to make meat out of.  I am a hunter myself.  But when you approach an animal you have shot it is a sad time when you notice how it struggled for life and suffered.  And to tell you the truth I don't really need someone chastising me for shooting an animal as many times as it takes to kill it.  What I do care about is some drunken farmer wandering out onto the farm and taking a hammer to a cows eye because he said it looked at him funny!  That is the type of person that I don't want living in the United States!  That does not meat our standard.  And if he is corkscrewing out a cows eyeball what is he doing to his wife and children.  How is this man influencing the community.

And what else?  Are cattle made sicker because they are fed grains that have been produced using the herbicide Atrazine?  Atrazine the equivalent of Hydrogen Cyanide the German Chemical  company chemical used to create genocide.  So the cows growth cycle is speed up as it is at the same time being poisoned?  And they are also given steroids.  And how many people have ingested that meat only to get wild eyed?  How many of their children are born with the slugo eye or the dripping French wax face and zombie eyes?  Which brings up another point, do the French look that way because of chemical weapons exposure from WWI or WWII?  And then we get into Napoleon Bonaparte, but I'll stop right there with him and allow you to research it yourself.  But I got on France as Roosevelt's family wealth came from the Opiate trade with China, and half his ancestry was French.  He was also in office at the same time as the Nazi Empire rose to power.  His brother indeed admitted wanting to graft Nazi idealism's on the American public.  Repealing Prohibition as Roosevelt did is not a human idealism!  That is not an IDEALISM, it is the opposite.

So they started goofing around over there in Germany identify the causes of Bacteria like anthrax and the Scientist Robert Koch did.  And today we have the Koch brothers buying up political offices in the United States.  Which brings me to the next point.  If they were active in Illinois whose office did they buy?  Whose Presidential political campaign did they indeed fund.  We know they funded Walker.  And we know that at the same time Barrack was in Illinois Senators seats were sold.  This is relevant because their is an epidemic of heroin in Chicago today!  And it is going on without the ability to stop it.

There can be no greater violation of the United States Constitution than to give or sell a human being an addictive substance because they are not at LIBERTY TO STOP TAKING IT BECAUSE IT IS ADDICTIVE, HENCE THEIR GUARANTIED RIGHT TO LIBERTY HAS BEEN VIOLATED.  And that also applies to the farmer who is drinking ALCOHOL and corkscrewing out a Cow's eye because it looked at him funny!

And the other question that I have never been able to answer is, how do drugs make it to the rural communities?  The answer has to be you have unscrupulous Veternarians and Doctors out in the sticks.  And somehow there is a great network of this in the United States going on or we wouldn't have all that!!!! So who would comprise such a network?  Those who were born with a defective hippo campus that did not allow them to learn for themselves or develop their own memories.  So it is a viscous circle and their fears stem from their own misguided actions and behaviors.

Okay it is getting very cold in Wisconsin.  It is one of the coldest winters we have seen in a long time.  Now it used to be that when the tempo dropped below 20 I was chilled to the bone, but this year I am starting to get used to.  But what is relevant is the next thing to happen is in this bitter cold the flu starts to spread. So just think about that in relation to what I have just written.


"Some people are smarter than their grades and some people are not as smart as their grades."

Now I am not after the common man, I have much bigger fish to fry than that.


So you have a white daughter who has a monkey head? Or lets just say you have been introduced to someone that was mentally retarded but you never would have known if you hadn't been told, as in my writing the other day.

Now this next part starts out like a commercial for a law firm.

"Do you have a relative or loved one who has experienced bankruptcy, personal injury or death after being married to or dating an evil woman?  If so you might indeed be one of the millions of Americans who are entitled to a settlement."  Don't we hear of this all the time?  So and so had such and such girlfriend and went kookoo and on a rampage.  The United States has not adequately addressed the issue.  In fact we get the exact opposite type of handling of it than we should have.  You hear those country singers singing about how momma ain't come back.

Do you know what all country songs sound like to me?  A sorrowful goat voiced sounding man singing these lyrics while he plays a guitar that sounds like a banjo, "Way down south, that is where I was castrated."  So much for your south and your Confederate Tea Party Agenda.


But how do you get a daughter with a monkey head?  Might have something to do with substance abuse by the mother and father before or during pregnancy.  And what I am getting at is people like this believe that they are normal and hence they project great fear into the world and therefore behave violently to support a set of false belief systems.

And what is a daughter with monkey head?  It is that one who bags groceries and can't keep her mouth shut!  It's the son that walks up your driveway while you are shooting hoops to extend his elastic waistband to show you his penis.  It is that Investment Analyst with the bad Rabbi Romanian gene that never belonged where he did.  It is the manager who can't go a day without insulting an employee.  It is the school bully that see's your child is happy and learning and can't stand it.  It is that same son who we had to create a fantasy world of high paying professional sports for.  It is the Catholic priest molesting boys, the gay boy scout leader.  Oops.  I just realized I missed a topic so I will throw it in here.

How many homosexuals are created because an older man performed fellatio on them. And that was the start of it.  After that the older man found untold ways to sexual abuse them because he had them hooked.  And what motivates a homosexual to perform fellatio on a boy?  Could it be that he is effeminate and thinks that is like his mothers bosom?  He thinks he is sucking his mothers bosom?  That would be consistent with someone whose hippo campus was defective from alcohol.  I had more of a point to make there.  Oh it was something about this effeminate man finding security in his adult life through performing fellatio on a boy like a baby finds security suckling its mothers bosom.  Then the homosexual finds security because he has created someone that is dependent upon him.  And because that person is then dependent upon him he then abuses that boy all his life so that it makes him feel of importance in life and that abuse he inflicts gives him a sense of security.  And that indeed is the nature of the Private School or Voucher school.  But anyway somewhere in this paragraph is applicable philosophy.  I already covered how boys need a father figure to imprint their minds.  But wait what of the boy whose mind is imprinted by a man who performs fellatio?  Imprinting is indeed a valid and scientifically proven psychological construct.  The brain waves of the father and son become the same as the father teaches the son and also there is a father son love bond.  So we have that, we also have transgendered sexual identity imprinting, because that follows directly.  But what has not been proven is when a child is imprinted from a man whose soul is being demonized.  We know that there is a mind to mind connection through love but the one based on evil and envy has not been proven.  It's time has come.  If one can be proven the other can too.  And the Cabala see's the setting sun!  And that issue in this paragraph was not articulate the way I wanted it to be- there is a coven of pych majors in my neighborhood as well as Journal Sentinel writers as well as a Latvian nationality man who works for the VA as an Axman.  A great many adopted children, don't know what that tells.  There were two deaths on my block this year.  One from a heroin overdose and the other went up to the cabin and shot himself in the head.  There is also a divorced daytime talkshow TV show woman and her children.  One accountant who can't answer questions I who passed the CPA exam ask her.  There is a man who is a lawyer and works in risk management for a hospital.  There is a man and his wife who both work at Northwestern Mutual life and they are rich and not as smart as I am.  There is a man who is a pharmacist.  There is a man who operates a martial arts studio that specializes in teaching how to kill someone and he indeed trained Russians and also a protection squad for George Bush.  There is a man who worked for Lowes.  A Carpenter his wife and I believe an adopted child there too.

One more point?  So you don't think alcohol causes problems?  You give someone the amount of drink it takes them to get drunk and then you give them what would be a task that they have never performed before, something an average man or woman of High School intelligence could figure out.  And you will see that they experience frustration, aggression, nervousness, fear and then violence.  And it is just going to get worse with legalized marijuana; a lot worse.

The main point was just supposed to be the one that flowed logically in a commonly recognize manner from the news story of the beaten cows.  Sure we like meat, but we don't like psycho drugged meat.  etc. etc. etc.

They want that alcohol to screw your offspring up with because they themselves were born screwed up.

And I have thought this same way about things all my life.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 01 03 2014 at:

Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

The point being that if you cut that concentrated drug used on a horse it will kill a man and that might be the likely source of overdoses?

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