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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Anger and hostility of radio and television personality hosts! 01 10 2015

Anger and hostility of radio and television personality hosts!  01 10 2015

You will see them get mad as h3ll over killings in France!  However not once do you ever see them angry about the homeless in Milwaukee or the Country!  NEVER!

Alright give me a psychological profile on people who have misguided anger in our country?  First and foremost it is the inability to maintain a mind in the order of hierarchy of what is important in society!  That is evidence of a mental defect!

Without the homeless and the creation of the homeless this type of man would have no one to favorably compare himself to!

Because they don't care about the homeless it means that they could not justify their own personal success if they cared about the homeless?

It is a concept about humanity they have to block out of their minds!

And it is fostered from the top down!  If they cared about the homeless those above them would start to feel threatened about their own sense of self esteem and that would be taken out on the employee directly below them?

Is it a matter of if their were no homeless those successful people in our media business would become very unhappy about themselves?  From my life experience in relation to people like that a lot of stuff that shouldn't get to a man gets to them!  They are highly sensitive in odd ways!

To them to have the natural emotions of a man is wrong!  What they have instead is the furry of an odd woman who believed she could emulate a man better than one?  That comes from a woman dominated family!  And my experience tells me that women like that often have a slight form of mental retardation!

Now it would be great if we could disempower all people like that from voting and influencing our society.  And indeed this nation was founded by men and for a while women couldn't vote!  Women did not write the Constitution nor the Declaration of Independence!  They were forced to think like their real men back then.  But today we have something far different than that going on.  And I know what you want to say it is natural progress.  But that isn't true.  A man looks at it and see's it is degradation of freedom and the principles of men. 

What the vocalizations of men like that amount to is really what a representation of how their will was broken to please their mothers!  They are placating to feminized men!  Why because when they lessen the standard of manhood it empowers the feeble minded men to think that they are greater than they really are!  And that makes this type of man happy while at the same time pleases the archetype of a woman that believes she is strong as a man.

But here is the crux of it!  A real man say's that the land of the free does not degrade males to the point they are homeless!  And he abhors those feminized males who would do so!  Get it?

And that high pitched lawyer want to be wants to get on television and roll his eyes again!  You can see the feminism influence billowing out of him!  And in fact they have a very strong following!  Is it alright if I say I can't stand that uptight high strung voice that is pontificating to the public while at the same time cares very little for the impoverished and homeless?  You don't want to call a judge and DA and have me forced on medicine for that do you?

That weak willed irrational anger appeals to women doesn't it!  Why?  Because to them it is emotional venting for not being able to think like a man!  It is a representation by a male of that very same emotion!  And that is why the female population of beer town lineage loves it!  That uptight male who doesn't care about homeless appeals to them!  Why?  Perhaps from the point of view of a woman who struggles through life because she can't think like a man, being mean and creating the homeless would be justified by her in terms of success!  So here we go again!  He is a henpecked molded propaganda machine that appeals to the deep voiced woman with hair on her upper lip!  He is made to order and typecast by the media to be just that queerlike pansy of a fellow!  Well studied in English Law with no understanding of the Constitution it is always supposed to comply with!

Let me ask you this, what type of a man likes to hang out with guys like that?  Now I thought I was odd!  But read what George Washington had to say about people like that!  I have the exact same belief system that old George Washington did! And do you know what they are going to do next?  They are going to analyze everything George ever wrote and said and find out how they can interpret it to be a criteria of mental illness!  That is how that weak minded male thinks!  In terms of making the dominant female happy!  That is what motivates him because he has never seen a male dominate like men do?  He needs to read those Washington Quotes, as well as Kennedy's and the Constitution a little bit better!  I think anyone who hates Kennedy for what he believed in should be put on medicine!  That is right!  All who don't like Kennedy today a President who was killed ought to be on medicine!  Why?  If you didn't like him you could have impeached him!  But when you don't have and can't find a valid  reason to impeach a President because they are pure man you kill that President?  That is a criminal minded female isn't it!  Okay what archetype of that can I give you?  A shrunken skinned skinny little cursing had of tan or olive skinned complexion like the one that slapped mayor Tom Barrett!  Now do you see that woman's personality coming out of our high strung media?  It is like they are frantic chickens with their heads cut off!  And again that appeals to the feeble minded!  Why?  Because they find commonality with it!  What does it abdicate?  Acting on pure impulse of reactionary emotion!  Again a female minded concept!  In a man it amounts to the fostering of a networked criminal society!

We haven't seen this mentally defective chicken little archetype of personality depicted much in satire in the movies!  About the closest you come to it and you have to abstract from the horror of it to get the humor in the archetype is the character from the Living Dead who is scratching the metal plate in his head and constantly complaining about incoming mail.  Well my friends who were of the same mind as I was in High School found that hilarious!  A frantic freak with a feminine voice that doesn't have a clue!  To create and foster a satirical archetype of that on television would be sacra religious! You never see it!  But good God it sure is propagandized as normality by the hiring of political commentators on television who are just that!  So there is my advice to Saturday Night Live!  You make an archetype of a character just like that and your ratings will go through the roof!

Us real men we need to see our concept of humor validated!  Complete with the rolling eyes of its mother!  The high pitched frantic voice!  The babble head scatterbrain that spews verbal nonsense as if it were sound moral doctrine!  Bring it! 

You ought to get a copy of my novel!

We also need to see the dumb jock who didn't make it to college crying in boot camp rather than being paid $10,000 to go to college!  (That is exactly what the drill sergeants stated and after they said it we saw that dumb jocks were then starting to be paid to go to college!  We need to see that dumb jock cry when he is denied that money and can't attend!

We need to see that strong verbal person on television fumble about with his fingers and not do simple tasks one would consider standard as a right of passage into manhood!  We need to see that queer break down and cry because he comes to the realization that he is incompetent as a man!

We need to see alcohol and drug users deprived of their crutch until they are completely broken!

And what is alcoholism?  It is conforming with and to the female mind isn't it!  Oxygen deprivation to the male mind as a form of escapism from female dominance and therefore conformance to it!

I am telling you that type of weak willed mind cannot fight into being henpecked to be less than a man!  I am telling you that is why he has to be a proponent of that sissified standard!

To me even thought they are not declared queers they sound like them!

See us American men we identify with that humor!

You can't create the satire when you are the satire!  Why? Because it is self defeating!  So you will never see it properly done in media controlled television and movies! 

But it sure would do wonders for proper social reforms!  And that needs to be cleared out of the way before the issue of homelessness will be conquered!  That effeminate male needs to be disempowered through accurate satire!  He needs to go into seclusion, and that can be accomplished through satire!  We should never see him commenting on society again!

Am I defining what a real psycho is?  Yes!  Hitchcock gave you that same voice in his character Norman Bates, a high strung effeminate voice that was emanating its mothers tension!

I would like to see a fictional character who is so tense in the face that he can't help biting his lower lip as he talks!

I want to see the satire of the nervous queer that is constantly shifting in his chair and putting one leg over the other!

I want to see the satire of males who ought of complete frustration from being henpecked by an odd dominate female find commonality in homosexuality!  Now that is real life and also highly educational to the bad woman!  Bring her to tears, would it not?

I want to see someone ask the highly paid Ivy league investment banker who can't even type, "What are you doing here!"  Then I want to see that breed quite those jobs so that capable men are manning those professional positions in our society!

I should never ever read the paper and realize that the lawyers missed key defense issues that would be expected of any male who has reached the age and right of passage!  I want to see that lawyer sent to work in the farm fields!  We should never hear his mother bragging about him again!

I want to see the "Professional" football player who stomps on players when they are down "Bawled out!"  Our current media, with sycophant sucking mouths, isn't capable of that!  Why? Sissified resident and indoctrinated fear.

Here is something you NEVER read about the feeble minded!  The feeble minded need to always resort to examples of the best in field as idols!  Why because it excuses them for not being able to develop those simple skills in themselves!  That is why you never see them denigrate when it is needed!  But what does it also serve to do?  It dissuades sons from being natural boys and developing all the skills one would normally expect as a right of passage.  That archetype of a weak willed man insults all of those initiatives and aspirations in young men as insult and then reference to idols, you know the kind that stomp on players when they are down!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015

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