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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Patriots versus Baltimore Ravens brief commentary 01 10 2015

Patriots versus Baltimore Ravens brief commentary 01 10 2015

Should control of a football catch when the arms are extended be required to not be a catch if the player cannot draw it into his hands and then chest?  No!

This player had control of the football for a good six inches of diving drift in the air.

If the ground cannot cause a fumble then it is a catch!

Anyone, and I mean anyone who has ever played football knows that when you catch the football with arms extended in a diving catch often you land just that way with the football in your extended arms.  To draw it into your chest as a measure of demonstrating control seems unrealistic.

Was his knee down as he had the ball in the air?  I believe it was.

The commentary states that the player used the ground to catch the ball and therefore it wasn't a catch.  This is incorrect  once he hit the ground with the ball in his hands it started to wobble.  And indeed he regained control from a different hand position because of that.  But to me it looked like he had control.

But did he have enough of the ball in his hands?  I think so.

So maybe it needs some redefinitioning to add clarity. 

Would we call it a catch back in the day.  I think so.  But the hand position changed a little as he came down.  So perhaps that is how it should have been articulated.  He didn't lose the ball.

I think we used to say that ball couldn't touch the ground?  So he would have had to have it cupped in his hands.

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"Analyzing millions of documents?"

You have to be kidding me.  They go and have a beer instead!  That or they hire temporary employees to do that work.  I want to abolish the temporary agency just because it supports "persona indemnity!"

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