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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Barrack Obama's State of the Union Address 01 20 2015

Barrack Obama's State of the Union Address 01 20 2015


Every once in a while he comes up with a solid point and action!!!  And I commend him on that!

But what is wrong with politicians in America today?  It is like what my University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Psychology Professor stated about "BF Skinner" who's idea was to raise children in warmed boxes, "There is something missing!"

What is missing from world politics?  It is that the one percent of us who are much brighter and smarter have been put on medication for hearing voices and labeled a horrific stigmata in the process too!

When I watch them all speak it is like they really don't know what is important!  The applause is about the same as canned laughter on the Tonight Show.

We are completely going to go down the tubes because of it!



Now I will add some points that I like about it?  No.  I will add some witty commentary on the woman from Iowa that I wrote and wanted to share with you?  No.


But maybe I will add a few concerns about the education system.  Where is accountability in the chain of command in the education system?

It used to go like this.

Teacher to
School Board
Property tax payer?

So how do you make that more effective?  The valid input from parents has to carry more weight.  But when you look at that 5 item structure above you come to the conclusion that those 5 items can never be accountable to the parent and student.  Why not?  Because if they could they would have already.  So I don't know the answer to that.  So it reverts back to "A" above.

And I can't fix that!  Because it is an institution of Government; Government has to fix it!  And I mean they have to fix it for the health and well being of the human race, not just the gays, and lesbians and Jews, minorities and whoever else he mentioned.

Every single person in that room knows it is true!  Everyone on television knows it is true to!


Well maybe I am on a roll so I will do a little more of Mr. Peanuts work for him.  His face looked a little skinner around the neck tonight by the way.

1. He likes free and open internet.  Good.
2. The astronaut that is going to go to Mars.  With his bald head he looks like he came out of a widget machine.
3. Lobbyist rigged the tax code.  What is a great shame is that it took Mr. Peanut 6 years to have the confidence to bring up the issue!
4. Top 1 percent should pay taxes on accumulated wealth.  B.O. just make it happen, use Warren Buffet as a spokesperson for it if you have to!
5.  Not whether America leads; but how.  Okay so after 6 years he has finally figured out the leadership by integrity principle!
6. Leverage Power with coalition building?  I am not so sure about that one.  The reality is that policy has gotten us in a lot of trouble in world history!  I have to revert to George Washington more or less advocating we completely avoid that!  What did George now about the evil nature of diversity that Barrack doesn't want to reveal?  Again section A above.
7. Unilaterally take out terrorists?  I really don't like a Government structure that advocated torture until just this very night making those assassination calls!
8.  We've trained Afghanistan forces?  Who are we kidding the country produces heroin!
9. Airstrikes on Iraq and Syria?  This bothers the h3ll out of me!  Do you know why?  It is like an mean and antisocial kid who played video games all his life is controlling drones to kill people.  It just has to stop!  Again that isn't integrity!
10. I thought I heard him say the bankrupting ideology of right wing extremists.  If so I agree.  It is as if they want the currency to be worthless so that they can also toss the Constitution!  That is the greatest threat the nation faces!
11.  Bigger nations can't bully the small.  Seem's agreeable.
12.  Cuba?  Not sure about this one?  It looks like B.O. wants to get in on a Real Estate deal where he tears down Gitmo and puts up a hotel.
13.  IRAN?  We need to leave that country alone!
14.  Only to War as a last resort?  All well and good Barrack, why didn't you bring the troops right home 6 years ago if that is what you believe in???  You know what I think when I see those men in military uniform at the event?  That they should never be there!  Our Constitution states it is illegal to have an army in times of peace!  All of it needs to be cut!  Then they get sent home to work on farm fields!  I will even take those farms back from the corporations for you!
15. No hacker invades the privacy of our American families?  Did you see the extra amount of articulation in this comment?  Go home Mr. Peanut!
16.  Ebola?  Why don't you cure the homeless problem in the United States first Mr. Peanut?  The reason is that it facilitates plausible deniability with regard to genocide of that one percent in item A above!  Pope Francis, I hope you read that right there!  Something about Italian women you need to tell the world?
17.  I came in late so I don't know what he said about Veterans.  Something about giving them benefits I was told.  In Tomah Wisconsin one Veteran was just given 14 drugs together as a benefit and it killed him.  Again that is genocide isn't it!  You didn't mention that or drugs to my knowledge?
18.  Why does Barrack Obama never mention drugs?  Because that is the money that put him into office isn't it!  I stand by that comment!
19.  Finally he was able to talk about Climate Change in a defensible manner!  And good God this time the clown heads actually got up and clapped rather than laughing!  The contrast makes me, from item A above, want to puke!  He was able to present the issue in a manner that block heads were able to understand even though we should not have to go to all that trouble to pander to such a low level of intelligence.
20.  I put three stars by a comment that starts, "American leadership drives, (illegible word.)
21.   The one planet we got!  What item A above has he been reading?
22.  He is Prohibiting torture?  Barrack it isn't enough and you know it!  There should be prosecution!  And we both know you are not going to start that because you would end up in the same batter.
23.  Increase transparency of our surveillance programs?  All of those on the payrolls of the CIA, FBI, NSA need to be sent home and never have access to technology again!  (You know that things are indeed going my way?  Slowly it is like I am pulling an Ocean Liner on a rope, but it is happening!)
24.  "Hold ourselves to the highest standards; our own?"  That isn't high enough BO again item A!
25.   As I look at Biden and the Barrack I say, Barrack benefitted in speaking mannerisms from Biden's stroke.  So there I said it!
26.  Gay marriage?  Hold on one minute!  We have completely missed the scientific evidence on this one!  And we cannot normalize what is a birth defect caused by a drug that has been propagandized by religion!  It really doesn't matter if you are that way and never can change in your lifetime!  And he word is not Gay it is Homosexual!  We knew it would be legal the moment they started using the word Gay instead of the proper term Homosexual!
27.  He wants to change politics so it isn't about arguing on cable and constant fundraising.  Yeah great minds do think alike but you won't say how yours does.  The scribes were indeed part of a religion.  So what we have here looks like it might be a violation of separation of church and state with media (scribes) getting heavily involved in politics.  Now  you can't really change that when you have domestic spying!  But the media didn't reveal that did they!  We need to do something about it though.  Barrack didn't say what.  But what needs to happen needs to happen in a matter with constant resolve and vigilance.  Perhaps all television needs to be free.  Perhaps the public can vote people not to be on television.  Perhaps we should be able to block ever seeing people we don't like on television.  Perhaps we diagnose a certain type of person with a psychotic personality disorder and do not let them have talk shows?  This person did not let a person speak to finish their point?  We don't need that!  It is spoiled, willful and degrades our freedom and Constitution!  And again what that type of person fears most is item A.  So that is key here isn't it!  Item A!
28.  At this point he started to remind me of a slick Chicago lawyer.  Is there any Harvard Grad that has humility?  Is the reason he was accepted at Harvard linked to the reason he never mentions an antidrug policy?  It is like someone has a gun pointed at him and if he states he will go after drug dealers he will be offed!  That is very scary and rings very true to me!
29.  Every child in a neighborhood?  I wish that I still believed that Barrack.  But I don't believe in the mentally birth defective!  24 years of hearing voices tells me that a future reality concerning that has to be far more different!
30.  Mental Illness?  Why don't you tell that you know that some little black kids participate in causing it?  Yeah I said it!  Now everyone gets to act like I am a bad man for saying it!  The imbecilic get a new part to play the very next day!
31.  A strong tight knit family!  This is coded language!  It is exactly what the father of an autistic child said that the families of the autistic are!  No Barrack we are not one  big mentally defective criminal family in the United States that gets to chose who among is to be picked as scapegoats.  Get that into your Peanut head.
31.  Right then and there.  I want someone like Barrack Obama or the last 5 Presidents of the United States to never have the opportunity to be President again!!!!  So how do we do that?  We need to strip universities like Harvard of their names!  It is a lot like Charles Sumner wanting to remove the names of the States on the  Confederate side after the Civil War!  Now I don't know what you would call a University if it could not have a proper name.  Perhaps a numbered GPS coordinate! Awful aren't I!

Equal time to Joni Ernst!  And she is a woman in politics and also a military officer so she d@mn well better be able to take it!

Watching her speak I got the idea that if a person vacations in a foreign country for more than three weeks in year that they stay there and don't get to come back!

The Republicans are now following a theme, of raised not to waste!  It means they want to rip Social Security apart and lower taxes for the rich.  Even some rich can't stand it! Why?  Because they know what should be gotten for money better than anyone!

As I watched her speak one word came up in my mind, INSCINCERITY!  What it looks like to me is that one makes it to the top and then draws all the rest up with them, however the rest get to the top without the one that draws them all to the top ever getting there because he got trampled!

Exceptional military?  Good lord who is she kidding! 25 years in the middle east.  Rampant drugs, sexual assault and homeless veterans? 

She was or is a Lieutenant Colonel in the National Guard!  Good Lord what bucket head would ever take orders from a woman like that!  You would have to be a total Bucket Head of a man to take orders from a female on the battlefield!  Consider that sentence a prayer for the United States!

A young man having to take orders from someone like her really scares me!  She spoke like a robot from an infomercial!  I had enough of her after just one minute!  She doesn't mean what she is saying, she is speaking not of her own emotions, but of Aped mannerisms!  It was like someone wound her up and you couldn't wait for it to stop so you didn't have to listen to the grinding tin gears anymore!

Make steel in the United States?  For what?  We should just make everything out of scrap metal!  You know like the scrap metal we sent to China that went into fake city after fake city high rise buildings that were never occupied and likely were used as collateral for the mortgage crisis in the United States that was facilitated by rigging the London interest rate, and Hong Kong was controlled by England until about the year 1990???? Which is when even more rampant corruption took hold the entire world over!

But that media is really like a gargoyle isn't it!  The only way you stop it is to...diagnose them with mental illness or defect?  It can and should be done! I dare you to do it Barrack!

So that is it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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