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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whitefish Bay propoerty values and A Movie at Northridge Mall 01 28 2015

A Movie at Northridge Mall 01 28 2015

20 years ago you could see a movie at Northridge Mall and never have any fear.  Everyone around sat quietly in respect of one another watching the movie.

Then just to the west of the mall apartment complexes went up where black people lived.  The crime rate went straight up and it became a bad neighborhood.  You could no longer go and see a movie and then the entire mall was boarded up and closed.  It has been that way for what seems like 25 years.

People always say that black people get the blame for this and that!  Well that is their fault!  Who are we kidding!  That was their fault!

To be fair however I will also allocate 10% of the blame to lowlife whites who indoctrinated them into drugs.

Would I go and see a movie in Whitefish Bay?  No!  That is spoiled rotten white children today!  So that is part of that 10%.

The South Side of Chicago has very large houses and it used to be a nice neighborhood.  Once upon a time all the Jews got up and moved away at once because they couldn't stand it anymore!  Now those large houses are still there; however it is slum and drug dealing ridden.

The property values in Whitefish Bay where I live appear to be coming down!  I think the same exact thing is going to happen here!  What has facilitated this?  Integration as well as special education and we will also through in what I labeled the bad 10% element above!  I want to say Italians that cannot learn.

Some day will I move away before it gets too bad?  Likely.

Now as I was driving to lunch today three black boys chased each other in the street in front of the high school and also the house where Jim Higgins an editor for the Milwaukee Journal lives.  I believe that they might be friends with his son.  But they found it fun to stage a fight seen where their were fake punches thrown.

What do I think of that paper?  I was told that back in the 1970's they didn't want to emphasize local crime incidents in the paper, you know how slums are formed through infiltration of drugs from Italian organized crime!  I was also told that there was a space between the buildings of the two newspapers that formed into on that is it today, whereby reporters would be black jacked on the head!  Do you see how and why I view networked crime and organized crime as the exact same thing?

So I am letting you know what exactly you have to look forward to in the future, that you voted for it and you brought it on!

People of class don't want to put up with that and they are indeed what forms the integrity of neighborhoods and not ill gotten money!  And what does class mean in the world of the sloth minded?  Someone that can learn and think for themselves!

There are a few pockets of places in Wisconsin where you can go and the people act normal like they did 35 years ago.  But they are few.  It has to do with a generation wanting to not work within its true means but instead be networked hire and indeed be given high salaries for jobs they should never have been hired for!  And it reaches the highest level of our United States society!  It will eventually bankrupt our currency but what other motivation would those who cannot live and compete in fairness have throughout history?

What kind of a man can't go to a hardware store, buy a piece of wood, cut it so that it matches a fence slat, prime it, paint it white, and nail it on the fence rail in the right place??? Literary ability isn't based off a direct personal reaction to a second persons  mind.  Indeed many want to define themselves as elite when they do not possess true literary ability.  And what do they become?  Anyone who has true literary ability is a threat to their race!  It amounts to species regression.

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And perhaps it is this.  How does a black person react to a learning environment?  Do they resent it?  How do they react when negative expectations are created for them?  How many can rise above that in mental maturity!  And that right there might be the crux of the entire issue!  But when we hear voices we know that they never earned their money, aren't capable of it and won't be in their lifetimes!

And there is anti-Semitism on the rise.  I have to ask the question, does some white people having the black gene make them exactly the same as the archetype I described above?

The Jews believe in the Old Testament.  And that is the Book of Leviticus.  We are learning that the Sons of Aaron have a different ancestral DNA than men who came from Adam.  Was it Moses that parted the Red Sea and freed the Jews?  In the Book of Leviticus Moses ritually killed the first two sons of Aaron in a drawn out matter for something they did wrong!  We also see in that book that a great juxtaposition is made between the Son's of Aaron and the Israelites!  Moses seemed to favor the Israelites over what is termed the Son's of Aaron.  And Moses was a Jewish leader, albeit if not their God!  It is very interesting.  And I don't know that there are any religious scholars who interpret it per its intent?

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