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Monday, January 12, 2015

On Marijuana in History, British Acts of Terrorism and the Johns Son Surname 01 12 2015 updated

Pot is addictive. If it causes mental retardation by way of delayed development that means it is addictive! Why? Because at the same time they are using it and feeling euphoria they are delaying there development and not knowing it? Or rather just because the use of it causes delayed development indicates that one cannot stop using it before delayed development is achieved!


British Acts of worldwide terrorism.

1. British banks laundering money from the drug trade of Mexico into the U.S.

  1. Medical fraud of homosexuality (British surnames Johnson and Masters) being normal behavior when it is likely to be caused by a defective serotonin regulation gene per 2014 evidence.
  2. Clipping the head off of an undersea oil well in the gulf of Mexico and a negligent response to capping it.
  3. Perpetuating that tobacco was safe to smoke.
  4. Rigging of the LIBOR (London Interbank Interest Rate) and causing mortgage flipping and the mortgage crisis.
  5. Orchestrating domestic spying in the U.S. In cooperation with the United States NSA. The spying was done from England!
  6. Indoctrinating the United States with English Common law that is Unconstitutional.

    Look back in United States History what was the English Surname that immediately became President after two of the Greatest Presidents ever were assassinated, Lincoln and Kennedy! That very next President in both cases had the surname Johnson. The first did not reconstruct the South in a strict enough manner. And the second took us to war in Viet Nam. And what happened their! Horrible things! But the drug that was ubiquitous there was heroin! Again, Hong Kong controlling China controlling Viet Nam but some how we have been hit on the head stupid concerning it! FDR whose family money came from the opiate trade with China re-legalized alcohol and parts of his cabinet were still in the office of the President up to the time of Johnson! So there is your opiate drug connection!

If they can clip the head off an oil well in the United States then we should sever the transatlantic communications cable to England! It would end the domestic spying.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Charles Sumner would approve.

I can hear George Washington??? He is saying sever that communications cable! When you have a bad friend that is getting you in trouble your mother doesn't let you talk to them on the phone anymore does she! That is responsible parenting isn't it!

England the center of Great Britain was a foundation of the Roman Empire. They had a druid belief system which means worshipping the monkey. Even Winston Churchill was this way.

They aided the South in the Civil War!

They had knowledge of the Japanese fleet operations in the Pacific and did not tell the United States in order to prevent Pearl Harbor.

But what about the Tea Party. What are we seeing today? All kinds of Marijuana derivatives! Marijuana causes mental retardation. The word retard means to delay the development of! And marijuana causes that worse than alcohol on the child's brain! When the colonist sunk the ship that had the tea on it in the harbor without even taking any of it I have to wonder if that tea was laced with either Marijuana or Ergot!

We know that the potato seedlings that caused the potato fungus in Ireland came from New York! A fungus again like Ergot from which LSD is made from! I also want to mention that many in Ireland have Celiac disease (I don't know if it is fair to call it a disease). When I was a boy whenever I ate a raised yeast doughnut I got a headache! Again from the yeast. What did Jesus Christ tell us about yeast? He looked the Pharisees in the eyes and said, “Beware the leaven of the Pharisees.”

I don't know if we will ever find out if the tea was tainted! But I am betting heavily that somewhere there is knowledge that is true! England founded by the Romans and the Roman women used Belladonna to lure men to them while at the same time poisoning their brains and memory if they lived through it? It was either Bella-dona or another drug. And England steeped in witchcraft used Ergot or LSD. Somebody knows this is true! I can feel it in my bones! I could feel it in my bones when I read about the Boston Tea Party in my grade school history book! So they go through a process of erasing everything great about the United States that defeated their sloth minds don't they! Including the gall to call themselves the Tea Party! Including an attack on our Boston Marathon running race! It is as if they are trying to pick history apart in an odd way isn't it! They want to disambiguate the Boston Tea Party and then erase the original one from United States history books don't they!

If you read Culpeppers Complete Herbal you see that Pine Oil causes miscarriages. That book was written in the mid 1600's! And yet wasn't pine tar, arguable no different, added to cigarettes? God what a horror. And those companies were English based. In fact as soon as the manufacturing technology to make cigarettes became viable we entered at least WWII whereby cigarettes were made Ubiquitous to soldiers. But what has recent evidence about Autism told us? That it is caused by abnormal folds in the placenta of a pregnant women. Let me ask you this. If pine oil causes a miscarriage doesn't it do so by churning the womb in some voiding fashion? And it states right on the cigarette pack label it causes birth defects doesn't it!

Great Britain controlled Hong Kong for a while to and therefore China? Again is that the 1990 date that is very prominent in history? What did we see come into the U.S. Leaded plastic toys! Also George Bush was a political diplomat to China! What do we see today? All of our technology and manufacturing has gone to China! We don't see any of those profits it gets sucked up by the wealthy corporate management class! Are you happy about beef for U.S. Restaurants coming from China? What about Pork Operations being China owned?

Somehow you know as well as I do that those tobacco operations are going to want to suck up all the pot companies that emerge! You know that don't you even though it is a long way away? We have to knip that before it ever gets remotely close to that!

It degrades the United States when we trade with those who do not have our same Constitution! They migrate here and believe it is no holds barred on the current citizens of the United States!

And what about the raised hamburger buns at that national chain! Every time I eat there I get sick and it is marketed to the Irish isn't it! Someone told me the other day that there was no diabetes before the invention of snake oil salesmen cola!

I would also want all immigrants from England over the last how many decades sent back home! As well as those controlled to come here from China as being controlled by Hong Kong. As well as all of the Northern Ireland Irish who have whatever that mean English gene is to go back to England and never come back! We can mount laser cannons on the Eastern shore of Ireland! There is already a Nazi Rocket still mounted in Belgium pointed to England! For the love of our Fore Fathers who fought so hard against Great Britain may it never be removed! And that is indeed United States Propaganda!

Blacks want marijuana legalized! Even Barrack Obama turns a blind eye to what is going on in states! Why? Because it causes mental retardation in whites? But Hitler had the same BLACK Halotype gene as the Jews did. What am I betting? It might have some bearing in a defect to the serotonin regulation gene! When you have that gene you can't academically achieve as well? Why not? Because you don't find happiness from personal achievement? Now we have had Democrats in power who legalized Indian Gaming! That was a big mistake. They also wanted to free all the drug dealers from prison! That would be even a bigger mistake! So that plan is to abolish public schools. Abuse your child in private schools, then say he is emotionally weak, then give him some form of mental retardation causing synthetic marijuana as a drug! And how do they all learn? Via demonization of a normal human beings mind! And then you pay them $10,000 to attend college as professional athletes. What do the drill instructors tell us from boot camp? That the star high school athlete is the biggest crying sissy they ever get! And what about Bill Clinton's don't ask don't tell? That is really the same as the Biblical temple rule that one must not say the name of God. God is not a homo by the way. It is the same as communism one mind for all. It is the same as FDR's adviser Charles Van Hise and the Eugenicists fraudulent coup of psychiatry in the form of, “One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry.” So I am not supposed to say anything bad about Jews? One of them named Madoff orchestrated a mortgage crisis that almost sent the United States into an Economic Depression which is really a starvation form of Genocide. But one more thing! The Bible and the Gospel of Barnabas tell us something very interesting! They liked to kill the very smart people called Prophets in Genocide! Seems a lot like psychiatry to me!

Thomas Paul Murphy

copyright 2015

Originally published on 01 12 2015 at:

Bonus Item. So I started to contemplate the meaning of the surname Johnson; seeing that for some reason they became President immediately after great United States Presidents were assassinated. It is one of those easy ones isn't it! It means son of John! So who was the John from the ancient History? I only know of two from memory and haven't done research to find more. But it could go back to Thom and the Tau, but that is pure speculation. But there was John a disciple or apostle of Christ, if I am right? And then there was John the Baptist. Now King Herod implied that John the Baptist and Jesus Christ were one in the same person? Very interesting isn't it? Was one a hearer of the other? Or was John the Baptist really the disciple or apostle of Christ? Jesus was furious when he was beheaded so that is more true. But King Herod had planned to drown the last heir of the Hasmonian dynasty at a party. In ancient times when they baptized someone they held them under and made them fight their way up. Could result in pneumonia and hypoxia. Hypoxia being oxygen deprivation to the brain. When we read of Jesus Christ Baptism it reads like a horror flick! And after-wards he wandered through the dessert and was tempted by demons. Tempted means that your normal thought process is interjected to! It means hearing voices doesn't it! But what do we also learn? We are given a description of the Seven Headed Hydra. It is stated that when one Demon loses a battle with a mans mind it goes and finds six more to help it! That forms the Seven Headed Hydra. And what did Mathew tell us? You'll love this because it is little 5417 cute isn't it! “Only the father knows who the son is and the son who the father is unless the son decides to tell a friend.” So that gives you how the hydra is formed. Hydra means water doesn't it!!! Hydra..water...baptize by holding someone under...

So in Sheboygan county Wisconsin not too long ago an Italian father was charged with putting his son in the sleeper hold and blacking him out. We had an Italian kid at our Catholic grade school that loved to do that to another kid that he walked the same way east home with. I live North by the way. Also there was an Italian kid that went to St. Monica's who liked to palm the cerebral arteries in their brain to black them out! Then there is the oriental martial art of Judo where they grab you by the neck and if you do not tap them on the shoulder with your hand soon enough to admit defeat they black you out. Also there were the kids that would want you to dive for pennies in their swimming pool without taking the cover off! Then we get to Rosemary Kennedy who was born mentally retarded because as the baby was halfway out the nurse took her time getting the Doctor. Anyway you get it. Johns Son could have been a derogatory term! As in that is the a son that John damn near drowned and is likely to be alive! John's son is a mentally retarded idiot isn't he! But the Gospel of John is pretty good in the Bible and so is the Book of Revelation!

But we have come full circle haven't we! John's Son has to be one of the most common surnames in England! Explains a lot doesn't it. Now I don't know what industries they were in in the United States throughout our history. I know that FDR gave some of the companies of that surname military contractor status so that they could not go bankrupt. I know that recent companies of that surname are involved in pest control chemicals, the anti psychotic that grows breast on men, plastic had none of the problems with the chemicals leaching into your body and staying there. Ever drink from a glass bottle? It is pure joy compared to plastic. The plastic is oil dependent! And also building controls. Installation of building controls. I read Watergate! I read installation by Great Britain through the NSA in the United States and spying on the U.S.. And who is the head of the NSA? His surname is Alexander? It means abhorrer of men! Johnson's Baby Shampoo is a very great product however! Makes you wonder if they didn't want to have some kind of hair washing baptismal services in the United States! I was trying to say that Johns son would have been held under the water by his father John until he was mentally retarded. We have a lot of John's son's in the United States! In fact alcohol is the leading cause of John's Sons {Fetal Alcohol syndrome mental retardation} in the western hemisphere!

Also surname company Johnson involved in pest control products like rat poison.  When I asked a nurse what the blood thinning chemical that was in Coumadin was she told me it was Rat Poison.  I believe that here is where we might have a medical fraud related to the tape worm!  Instead of treating tape worm with the proper drug they attempt to get rid of it slowly over time with rat poison?  Could tape worm be the cause of congestive heart failure?  Does an intestinal worm stretch the intestine out so that that part of the intestine is the same diameter as the worm?  So it fits snug inside that part and restricts fecal matter from properly voiding?  Causing beer belly?  That beer belly is the worst sign of the dangers of cardiac arrest in women.  And once one worn elongates an intestine does another snug in along side of it?  That is pure speculation.  But I believe that there is truth to it!  What do you see today?  You see pizzas with pork sausage kept at refrigerator temperature and not frozen.  The beef quality is about as bad as it gets!  Beef in Wisconsin tastes like spinach and turns the stomach!  They are pumped full of antibiotics while humans are deprived of them.  You never hear of anyone having a tape worm removed.

Are we there yet?

That's enough for now.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2015

Originally published on 01 12 2015 at:

I believe Whoopi Goldberg's real surname in Johnson.

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