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Friday, January 16, 2015

How Delusions of Grandeur are Created in You 01 16 2015

How Delusions of Grandeur are Created in You01 16 2015

They voices like to abuse you and then give you a high goal that they would never allow you to reach after they are done abusing you; this is how Delusions of Grandeur are created.

So they abuse and then while you are low and down, they attempt to give you a belief they would never allow you to fulfill; that makes it a Delusion of Grandeur.

Also what makes it a delusion of grandeur is that because of the abuse one is often sounds as if they are incoherent and confused!

Does it really mean that the goal is something that might have been well within your potential?

Let's look at a Prince of England; just accused of having sex with a minor facilitated by a man who forced her into it.  Look at that and tell me how any of your belief in yourself and potential could ever be a delusion of Grandeur!  Who really has the Delusion of Grandeur?  The ones who do bad things that have granted titles that are far above their character?

And while you are in that lowdown state are they not indeed searching your skill set to see what potential you really had and how they might apply that themselves; as if they are Walking in Your Skin?

The Navajo were the first to document what a Skin Walker was and use the term?  They were also said to talk in some secret code during WWII?  Something so complicated it could never be broken?  Are we sure that they were not Skin Walking?  Put two and two together!  England also helped the Native Americans to defeat the American Colonists!  They created a legacy with them by giving them the instruments that cause the birth defects of mental retardation, alcohol and likely tobacco?

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