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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Don't ask don't tell is the equivalent of never say that name of God

Don't ask don't tell is the equivalent of never say that name of God

I am NOT implying homosexuals are god's!

It was Bill Clinton's phrase! With regard to Gays in the military.

Bill Clinton only has the last name Irish because he was adopted.  He is really of English descent!

Don't ask don't tell was Clintons notion of allowing gays in the military.

Just look at what a failure our military has been since then!  An absolute failure!  A source of victimization and homeless veterans.  In effective in reaching military goals!  Attrition and death of brave young men who believed in what was told to them.  Giving normalcy to homosexuality which recent evidence in 2014 suggests is caused by a defective serotonin regulation gene!

And he was from the post Confederate South that rather than submit to a Abraham Lincoln Reconstruction plan assassinated him????  Good God there had to have been a lot more to Lincolns reconstruction plan that just two sentences!  So where did it go???

Wow! Read the following link and see how Congress facilitated Lincolns death!!!  They failed to recognize the representatives elected under his reconstruction plan and then he was assassinated!

Would you have voted for William Jefferson Blythe?  I don't believe I would have!

I take that back it is of Scottish origin.  Scottish means land of the Irish.  Blythe means "happy person."  So I still would have voted for him based on surname.

Johnson became President after Lincoln was killed and his plan was deceptively worse.

But look at that trend very carefully!

A surname Johnson also became President after President Kennedy was assassinated!  It is too much of a coincidence!

Was the Johnson surname one on the list of criminal families that the United States was tracking that was destroyed in a fire?

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