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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Did FDR know that Children from Southern Ireland were being Kidnapped and Sold into slavery in New York 01 10 2015

Did FDR know that Children from Southern Ireland were being Kidnapped and Sold into slavery in New York 01 10 2015

Per the movie "Philomena" which was based on a true story I learned of this last night.

1. It would have to have occurred during FDR's time in office of the tenure of his cabinet.
2. FDR was from New York where it was implied the children in the movie went to.
3. FDR was wealthy and the cost to adopt an Irish Child was around a $1000 a piece per a nuance in the movie?  So in effect the wealthy know each other.
4. FDR was President and would have had oversight in approving anything that could be deemed criminal whereby the perpetrators might face prosecution?  They would not attempt it without implied approval or directive.
5.  The movie implied that the child became employed in Politics.  And FDR was a very big political force.
6. FDR's New Deal Program was influenced by Eugenicists, particularly Charles Van Hise the then President of the University of Wisconsin!  Kidnapping and adopting children has a eugenics aspect to it.
7.  Slavery is against the Constitution.  So FDR broke it.
8. The children said the adoptive parents were abusive.
9.  The movie tells how the clergy burnt all those adoption records in a bonfire!
10. We also know from history at about the same time Aryan children were kidnapped from what we are told Europe and distributed to what types of families?  And I am making a direct equivocation between FDR and Adolf Hitler?  So one has to ask at the same time did Adolf Hitler kidnap children from Ireland?  Ireland being part of Europe.
11.  There were also many graves of children that were still born by the nuns?

Very odd.  We were told that the Irish were hated.  If so why were they kidnapped and adopted by the wealthy in New York!  It doesn't hold up truly in a court of law as being a consistent belief does it!  They have repeatedly "Sold short" the Irish haven't they!

This is a second Irish genocide facilitated out of New York isn't it!  The first was the potato fungus that was said to come from seedling potatoes that came from New York.

If everyone else can demand reparations so can the Irish for Two Irish Genocides facilitated out of New York!

Now th movie was based on a true story so I don't know how well the factual basis carries through. 

But in the annals in Government and History you would think the event would be given a historical label?  Is there a Historical Label?

How do we know that children sold into adopted families in the United States today were not kidnapped?  And when they go back to visit their biological families, if they do, those are not fake parents?

Seeing how it was initially abused as a form of kidnapping and slavery should adoption be legal at all.  When something is initially illegal sly minds figure out ways to make it not seem what it is?  Translated descriptions to meet preconceived public concerns?

So I have a great many concerns about it and some research to do. But this documents the initial list of questions it has raised with me.

He kidnapped Irish children while at the same time he legalized mental retardation causing alcohol!  And he had to have known that alcohol caused mental retardation!  Even the Puritans knew that centuries before him!  They wanted people to only drink in moderation so that they could read and therefore obey the laws.

Just read a little bit more, it happened in 1951 the same year we had all that Roswell Fraud too!
And if you read Philip Corso's book he tells us that research and development at United States Corporations were seeded with that alien technology!  That isn't true!

The CIA was established in 1947 per my memory. 

What am I getting at?  Demonic possession, dislocation of the human soul, as a means of predicting the future.  Fueling the stock market?  When I was in college I read a book about Jesse Livermore I believe it was called tunnel through the air.  Somehow it implied that is where stock market tips came from?  I would imply that tunnel is created when a soul is traumatized?

As a top ranking lawyer for the Bush and Reagan admins apparently this Irish man was also the mind of them; wasn't he!  Like I said I can't validate all it said in the movie but that it was based on a true story.

In the movie after the man was dying of what we are told was aides all he wanted to do was go back to Ireland and be buried there!

Murphy is the most common name in Ireland.  So how many of those kidnapped and sold into slavery were Murphy's?

Murphy's can trace their family lineage right back to Biblical era kings!  So in effect they kidnapped Royalty didn't they!

Now here is the standard question that they all should have to answer, "Was your adoptive mother a Mommy Dearest!"  In truth I believe that most children knowing what it means, about 95% of them would say they were adopted by a Mommy Dearest!  And it is based on strong personal evidence!  Very quick definition of that, emotionally disturbed and mean!  To opportunize taking your life frustrations out on anyone possible! I have seen people change from being the nicest person ever before they were hired to being the absolute devil right afterwards.  So it applies to parents who adopt children too!  Hemmingway, "For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.",_never_worn

And the scene in the movie "Philomena" where the nun bellows the "mortification of the flesh" comment, begs the question, should the emotionally disturbed EVER come into conflict or influence of children in any way!  Look at what happened with regard to the Nuns.  They did not have any children themselves and when in control of other peoples children they schemed miserably about how to separate them from their parents for money!  Not only that a lot of "born dead's!"  You this is a much broader problem than one could ever imagine isn't it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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