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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Felons, Gun Control and Road Rage etc. 01 24 2015

Felons, Gun Control and Road Rage etc. 01 24 2015

I believe that a felon freed from the confines of prison has every right to have a gun as the normal citizen does! Why? They are just as likely to be a victim of road rage and lose their life to it as the rest of us are! They are also just as likely to be a victim of armed robbery too.

You cannot limit their right to protect themselves from death!

I believe it can only work 3 ways.

  1. They are in prison where guns are not allowed.
  2. They are given the death penalty because we determined that what they did was so horrific that they can not be reformed in a drug laden (alcohol too) society. I believe that all drug dealers, sexual victimize-rs of children and pimps should mandatorily the death penalty.
  3. They are released from prison with re-assumption of all United States Citizen rights!****************************************************************************'
    As long as I am on crime. I believe that white collar crime of a certain level ($100,000.oo) should have the exact same sentencing as an armed robber of a bank would get. A sick minded banker could rig the mortgage rate like they did the LIBOR and cast the United States into another Depression which is genocidal because of starvation???

The point is you either live among men that you can trust or YOUR Constitutional rights are violated. Alcohol is the cause of every screwy head their ever was! That is the cause of prison recitivisation (sp?) that should be eliminated!


Also Gamma rays were discovered to be EMF radiation in 1910. What would the effect be if irradiated crop seed was delivered to farmers? The crops would not grow and the sun would bake the land. Could something like that have caused the Dust bowl?

And as you see microwave cell phone relay towers littering the land do you ask yourself, if the microwaves were triangulated or penatuglated (however many) on farmers fields could they cause loss of crop and then loss of farm; to a Right Wing Republican faction?


And what about making upskirting a video a felony. I want to say boy's will be boys. But I also have to ask a question about the perversion and entrapment of a nation. There used to be Playboys and Penthouse magazines on the shelves. Not any more. Why not? Does it have something to do with the dependent minded and the Holy Spirit being cast far away from home? Does that mentally defective class not want that to happen? I believe that is true, however I can not articulate any better than that at this time. But it has to do with the ability to control the men of our society.

The other day on Facebook someone posted a picture of a man performing cunnilingus on a woman. Do you know what I think about that? What man would let a woman wrestle him down in spirit or body like that? What man would empower a woman in that manner over the rest of us. What kind of a pansy resorts to that to get a woman? What kind of pansy sons and daughters are they likely to have! Who wants to hang out with a pansy who is dominated by women like that? And you always hear how Italians make such great lovers because they really know how to please a woman! They also beat their women away from the lifeboats of the sinking ships as fast as they can! You also hear that there is a high rate of homosexuality in Italian families. Does it have to do with DNA damage due to wine? Is that same DNA damaged what led them to form organized or networked crime?

But on the up-skirting. They don't really do it to satiate their own sexual perversion do they! Instead they like to circulate it in an act of hatred based on envy of the victim don't they! So here we have a dichotomy, is the case boys will be boys or is it sick hatred. In the case of sick hatred I believe the kid should get the death penalty. In the case of boy's will be boy's all you have to do to a normal kid is talk to them and tell them why it was wrong and then they know better the rest of their life! Not so with the sick kid! The sick kid will be sick its entire life; in my humble opinion!

Okay but lets get real with the issue! What about women who are forced into pornography by poverty or by violent men or just plain criminal minded imbecilic “family”? Should that not fall under the same punishment in all fairness? What does it really amount to? Slavery! Sexual slavery! What really bothers me is that our society failed these women!

The other day on the radio a Korean women who was adopted in the United States,(as a girl?) was fighting so that people in the United States could never adopt again (from Korea.) Adoption bothers me too! We have also failed those women in society! I mean it really bothers me! Why? It has to do with the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes! Do you have the ability to truly comprehend what life would be like if you were put in that persons shoes? Having said that I believe that the barriers to entry in becoming a judge or lawyer are far too low and based on the wrong principles! I believe a much better legal system could arise if it were based on the principle of victim justice. Our legal community really minimizes the impact crime has on victims! The money follows the defendant doesn't it! The money should not follow the defendant! So that bothers me too! The money follows the defendant looking for handouts! This establishes organized or networked crime doesn't it; the handout from the money made by crime to the lawyers? Extremely bothers me!

I don't really write for an audience. I just write what I am thinking and what I would like to read (if I was me in different shoes?)  The people I know don't get it; but I don't care!  I have to be me!  Perhaps that is a great exercise to have, the principle of "You have to be you!"  After a while of that do you still like yourself?**


One more point with regard to the law and the concept of "Due Process"  I believe that in cases where their is video evidence that is indisputable "Due Process" can indeed be thought to be accelerated!  And we are going to see the issue come into play with regard to criminal actions by Police Officers wearing video cameras.   The primary question to ask someone when caught on tape is, "What were you thinking?" or "What possessed you to behave in that way?"  Most people don't know!  It is a bunch of odd constructs they see in the movies solidified in their brains with oxygen deprivation brain cell death from alcohol!  It is really a lot worse than you think, but most people can't discern it!

Now if you really wanted to get a few levels up in hiring police officers you would bait them with questions to see how easily the respond with well known phrases and colloquialisms from movies and television!  What am I getting it?  The overuse of them as being proof the person is not operating based on their own thinking and mind but rather bad imprints?  But that is likely 100 years into the future; if the human race gets there.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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