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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Threat of the Brain Damaged 01 28 2015

The Threat of the Brain Damaged 01 28 2015

To watch and see a disconnect between "The consciousness and the eyes."

Now some of us divert our consciousness from our eyes when we are concentrating!  But the brain damaged do this in a very different manner!  There is a willful and negative emotion involved!

Whereby that individual is "instilled" with an evil intent.

A woman on a reality crime show referred to the worst instance of the criminal mind of this manner as the person "person going into full psychotic mode!"

When I look at a person who is accused of being a serial rapist of over two dozen women over 46 years   I come to a conclusion that what I am seeing in the divergent eye pattern is,  "It might even be demonic possession by the animal mind of a Gorilla!!!!!!!!!!(of that person)"

Watch how it shows no sings of guilt for its crimes, but rather....a gleaming and irreproachable gloating!

What are other instances of this I have seen?  In other professions?  The look of psychotic frustration when you ask a question!

To that bad person to ask a question means you are questioning their authority!

Do you know that is exactly what the founding fathers of the United States wanted us to do!!!!

The reality of the interaction is that you were just trying to self inform in order to maintain a conformity of personal knowledge!  But that is part of the higher thought process that the mentally defective do not have and abhor?  To them it means that they are one level lower than you doesn't it; based on their reaction!

What does that black man in the first paragraph feel so confident?  Because he knows a great majority of whites in power and money support him and are of his same cognitive framework!  But just look at it?  How can someone like that be so successful while victimizing so many women over a period of 5 decades if there were not white blacks?

There should never be one race that is the beneficiary of a normal human beings mind being demonized and tortured from them!  That isn't humanity!

And again look to see how that consciousness comes back after their was a disconnect from it and the eyes!  If it is a psychotic mask you might be in danger!  If you feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck it means the same thing!

What is going on there?  Because that person is mentally defective an animal like regressive spirit has easily demonically possessed them in complete conformance with their mindset!  What I am getting at is the brain damaged are the perfect blank template for that!  To do the bidding of the devil!

Here is how they are DE-Created!  Good God sign it!

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