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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Diabetes The medical terminology used does not lead to responsible behavior 01 22 2015

Type 1

They always say the body's failure to produce enough insulin.  When it should always be stated the Pancreas.t  So why doesn't the pancreas produce enough?  Organ failure from having to spike produce too much in response to unnatural sugar diet.

Type 2

Cells don't respond properly to insulin!  The cause is excessive body weight and not enough exercise.

What does that really mean?  It is a distribution issue isn't it!  All that body fat and poor circulation and the insulin cannot make it to the cells it needs to go to!

The body stops producing insulin.  It has to be caused by pancreatic organ failure do to alcohol or some signal mechanism in the body whereby it is saying I have energy in fat that already needs to be converted to energy ahead of the sugar you ate!  When you first get the warning signs you might have the opportunity to change in conjunction with the warning symptoms.

All in my humble point of view.

And there is an inherited factor too!

Pancreatitis is a deadly inflammation of the pancreas caused by alcohol; I believe it is exacerbated by sugar too!.  So alcohol harms the pancreas.  What happens when a mother with a compromised pancreas gets pregnant?  Immediately you have a insulin/ blood sugar transfer issue to the fetus don't you!  And if she drinks while pregnant and eats a high sugar diet can the pancreas of the fetus be harmed to be prone to diabetes?

Perhaps we need to do something about refined sugar!

This is a lot more scary than public awareness has made it!  Very odd that when we have something so dangerous that knowledge of it doesn't foster change and regulation!  Believe it or not our Constitution is designed to protect us against those who would profit by causing sickness!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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