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Monday, January 12, 2015

The External Cause of Schizophrenia is being one mind with the goal of being of no mind 01 12 2015

The external cause of schizophrenia is being one mind with the goal of being of no mind.

As I watched the movie “Philomena” dated 2013 it came to a scene whereby the priests and nuns were all in the same quiet room. What were they doing in there? Were they having a séance? A séance is witchcraft and has no place in the Catholic Faith. Nor does speaking in tongues which is the same thing as a séance.

Years ago I used to watch Sherlock Holmes. In one episode a group of odd and gaffy English Women were playing the Ministers Cat. A game whereby the go around the table and say, “The ministers cat is an” and they add a phrase at the end.

What is this really a metaphor for? If you could see the evil delight they had in singing that song. They knew that they were agitating the mind of the minister!

England was indeed founded by Rome. And the Catholic faith was founded in Rome too. The Catholic faith branched off from the Jewish Faith. It was stated to be based on Jesus Christ a Jew. However the Bible tells us that all the followers of Jesus Christ were killed by Paul who was really Saul from the Orient. But what is the Catholic Faith? It was one father for all! One father for all is really the same thing as one mind for all communism! It is the same thing as FDR's “One must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry.” The India Indian Sikhs also believe in joining with a higher consciousness. Did the Sikh's originate by members participating in English Séances? The English would have the jump on it as being of the Druid religion that worshiped the monkey. The druids would take a man out into the forest and impale him while looking into his eyes in an effort to divine his gods.

I have also learned from someone who writes for television in California that they “channel” the spirits of various individuals in order to get creative material for their television and comedy shows.

Who is the REAL PSYCHOTIC in the world today? To watch what a person does; and therefore see how they think; until you become insanely jealous of them! That is how I define psychotic as it relates to the cause of schizophrenia. And above I have given you a pretty good list of the likely suspects who would are involved in Satanic activity!

But I will add a few more. Joining with one mind of a person in order to imprint your mentally defective children that cannot learn in any other way and making a business out of it! Also I was on my way to Iowa driving in my car when I heard a program on the radio about how the army was treating head wound patients by attempting to give them all the same exact consciousness of one person! Men are NOT made on the battlefield are they!

Who is likely to have some form of mental retardation, someone whose parents drank or smoked pre conception or during fetal development. You can also add in any other drug to that mix, such as cocaine, pot, heroin, meth, narcotic etc. As well as chemicals from the rise of the Petro/chemical industry.

Years ago I was reading about how a Chinese religion practiced mind control. It worked by constantly keeping the person under surveillance until they learned to think like them. Have you ever had an employer who acted the same way? They never even gave you time to breath and you in effect did all their material work for them? Are they not forming that same link to you?

Did you have a son or daughter start hearing voices when they went away to college for the first time or took a job away from home? It is like those druids took them out in the forest isn't it! Now lets say you have a group of odd English women having a séance what would make it a lot easier for them to facilitate a séance? If they were able to live very close to you! And what facilitates that? Apartments! And also electronic harassment based technology.

So you would declare I am wrong about the Catholic Church? Here is how a man see's it, it is also how the Puritans saw it, even one case of an adult sexually molesting a child cannot be tolerated!

But what does all of this amount to? Hatred of men! This nation was founded by men in reaction to those that hated men! They're back aren't they!

We were on the right track in the United States before FDR got into office. Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere. What else do we know about unhappy people? They cannot live without it and would kill to get it! It likely causes all of the birth defects and developmental disabilities. Oxygen deprivation death and cleaving of the expression of genes during development.

Would George Washington have approved of the transatlantic communication cable to Great Britain? Let me ask it another way. Would he have approved of joint United States British based spying operations on the United States! NO! He warned us against exactly that!

In Africa they take a different look at mental illness! The person who is cursing another is forced to confess why they are doing it and then the hearing of the voices ends. What do you do in the United States however when it is those who have brain defects that are cursing us? You know it does amount to trillions of dollars. Where could that money be going instead? PEACE on earth! They don't want peace on earth and they don't want to be denied drugs. They also do not want to be forced to stop violating the rights of men!

Have you ever gone somewhere and had two people talk about you within in earshot of you?  And you know they are talking about you and they know it too and they like it?  That is a mini séance isn't it!

But what really is communism?  Isn't it just the same thing?  Taking a mentally retarded person from alcohol and considering them to be a blank slate?  And imprinting their minds through the Chinese process above?  And the people of communism being a pool of potentially normal human beings to draw from and victimize in the process?

I could get into what the ancient Jewish Essenes taught their children under the direction of an evil master juxtaposed to a exiled (imprisoned priest).  Now as I grew up in Whitefish Bay I learned of derelict adult individuals who would take care of 2 or 3 boys and watch them on weekends or what not.  One of those boys had dyslexia.  The one was the son of a Doctor and that person who took care of them was the most foul mouthed person I ever met.  He said, "I know someone who could cut your balls off if I wanted to!"  What is the point?  Should there ever be any single private day care center or children allowed to congregate at a house in default day care by people like that?  Public day care would be the answer!  Why have we not had it yet?  You want women to work you need public day care!  Private will never be accountable to our national standard!  I object to day care operations at private homes, I object to the function at health clubs, I object to it at businesses too!

But what is a person like that?   It is a scheming creep that should never be around children!  You have to wonder if he doesn't tell a bully, "Now I want you to meet him at the end of the block right here today and bring two of your friends!"  I also believe that many athletic department coaches think in that exact same manner.  Demonization of the sons of men!

Would public daycare get people out of poverty?  Yes!  The public systems need to be made more accountable and they will always be more accountable than private.  And I do believe some draconian measures regarded birth defective children need to be legislated!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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