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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Penal Colony United States Rules 01 27 2015

Penal Colony United States Rules 01 27 2015

All queer (homosexual) “males” will be required to wear yellow skirts or dresses held up by yellow suspenders. If they have the deadly aides virus that suspsenders will be required to say so in big text lettering. If they are married it must say “1/ (the number that are in the marriage)”

For dis-ambiguity a HETEROSEXUAL can never be defined as a male who has the desire to directly touch, fondle or victimize the groins of other males (commonly known as sexual molestation). Institutional castration and unicing are to be omitted from the classification. This can indeed be considered that “Due Process” has been made with regard to any crimes against humanity they commit!

All lesbians will also be required to wear pink skirts and dresses held up by pink suspenders. And if virgin boys want to give chase to them that should be permitted.

These penal colony laws are designed to shift the stigma away from those who hear voices in our society and put it squarely on where it is more deserving!

We have a Constitutional Right to know who is queer in our country per the definition in the paragraph that starts out as “For dis-ambiguity.”

Anti-semitism is said to be on the rise too! It should be noted that Adolf Hitler recruited “Butch” type homosexuals to carry out atrocities because they were the only ones willing to do horrific things. This addresses that issue!

Also anyone who commands or engages in the act of torture will also be required to wear the yellow dresses and suspenders with the label torturer on the suspender. Again “Due Process” has been served.

Would I ever write one single word of this craap if I wasn't hearing voices?  No!  And the voices do not have to speak to me!  I had a complete one week silence period back in the year 2000 when my German Beer Barron neighbors went on vacation to North Carolina!  It is medical fraud!  So who commits it?  Only the mentally defective from alcohol.  And new scientific evidence indicates that homosexuality is caused by a defective serotonin regulation gene.  This writing isn't even mine! It is from that which got up very early in the morning, the witching hour, to demonically possess me!  It violates my Constitutional Rights!  It is an attempt to discredit normal Americans and make criminals out of victims!  My natural mind absent the voices is normal, calm cool and collective!  What a horrific influence on humanity those who create and foster the medical fraud are!

I am not going to mince words!  I want that MEANESS weeded out of our population!

Copyright 2015 Thomas Paul Murphy

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