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Monday, January 12, 2015

The Legalized Pot Agenda 01 12 2015

The Legalized Pot Agenda 01 12 2015

Is to harass your children so that they believe themselves to be over emotional. And then force them to take synthetic marijuana derivatives.  Then likely to make homosexuals of your sons. While at the same time stating that those on the pot derivative were always mentally retarded.

The entire education system is going directly down the drain because the mentally retarded in power can not learn by traditional means.  They learn by traumatizing a human being and fragmenting their mind!  Because our world is all about them the entire education system is going to go bust!

I believe that it should all be public with draconian antidrug rules.  I also believe all daycare should be public.

And what happens to the black lady that doesn't know how to keep a classroom quiet?  How can you ever keep a classroom full of Ritalin children quiet?  You get it, it is going down the tubes.

If a person cannot learn via traditional means do you trust them fulfilling the roles of professional careers in our society?  You would be a fool if you did!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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