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Sunday, January 25, 2015

There should be a worldwide ban on the construction of multistory office and apartment buildings 01 25 2015

There should be a worldwide BAN on the construction of multistory office and apartment buildings 01 25 2015

Why?  I believe the percussion from the construction has the potential to loosen what will always be previously unknown radium deposits into the water table!

Because I believe this to be the cause of a liability that is of such great magnitude that it is financially insurmountable I believe all current high rise buildings should be deemed publicly owned.  It has to do with the accounting provision of matching assets with liabilities and income with expenses.

Pile driving to strengthen the foundation.  Heavy equipment transportation where it wasn't before.  Dynamite usage.  And this goes along with the concern we have for "fracking" too!

I also do not believe apartments are nice places for people to live!  People should have their own homes!  I also condemn the Financial Districts in the United States where high rises were built because they were also "participant beneficiaries" of the fraudulent rigging of the London Interbank Offer Interest Rate that caused the Mortgage Crisis in the United States!  That could have led to genocide from starvation do to economic depression.  Those buildings should have never been built!

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