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Friday, January 16, 2015

Don't Attempt to Heathenize United States Children 01 16 2015

Don't Attempt to Heathenize United States Children 01 16 2015

Israel means, the one who wrestled with God and prevailed.

A human being could not wrestle with an omnipotent God and prevail.  Therefore it means that means he really wrestled with a man.

When I was a boy I had a Jewish friend whose father was a Divorce Lawyer.  I believe he was involved in helping bring Jews to the United States after WWII.

But anyhow I can remember him telling me when I was at his house that the crown of a head is so soft upon birth that a doctor could crush it if he wanted to.

I also seem to have a memory of his father grabbing me by the temples of my head.  In an attempt to cut off the circulation to my prefrontal lobes?  I seem to remember that twice.  I believe he attempted to segue into the act by showing his fingers and saying telling of how the crown of a babies head is so soft that you could crush it.

I have to ask how many autistic children are created this way.

I have also heard stories of Oriental's in the United States putting white Americans heads in scissors leg locks until they black out.  That is part of Judo.  Because of this I believe that they don't belong in the United States!

Not too long ago in Sheboygan Wisconsin a father was charged with a crime, demonstrating on his son how to put a choke hold on and black him out.

My childhood friends father should have been charged with assault of a child.  I believe that he should have been disbarred to for that crime!  My former childhood friend is now a bar owner in Milwaukee.

I can also remember my friend attempting to choke me until I blacked out.

I have seen Italian children put other children in choke holds too and black them out when I was boy!

But what does the word Italy mean?  It means "Land of the Bulls."  It isn't a complement is it!  My father boxed a black man while he was in the army and he told me that he had a head like a bull!

Are we going to see two queer priests say Catholic mass together, kiss one another like Italian men do, and they serve marijuana instead of Communion?  I can see that day coming!  Why?  Because it causes delayed mental development in teens worse that alcohol does!  The word retard means to delay the development of.

There is a song by a black man with the lyrics, "Can you hear him holler?"  It means can you hear him cursing because of what was done to him!

Do you see where Israel got it's name from? The one who wrestled successfully with God?

What is marijuana, heroin etc?  It is all that same archetype of a person attempting to make a human being mentally retarded!

Are we as Americans with a Constitution that protects our rights and our children's rights supposed to like people like this?

Schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific but the cause of them makes it a medical fraud!

All of the above bad people?  I believe people who commit crimes like that should be executed a crime against humanity!

But why do they heathenize children?  To give them all the same mind?  The one that they hear hollering?  Do you know what that is called?  MONOTHEISM!  It means only ONE god!  Before monotheism there were a great many people who had the ability to think prophetically, they were call killed in Genocide for being false Prophets.  And when you stop hollering then they victimize you further because it is their only link to humanity? 

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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The next thing they will want to do is re-label the United States something to the effect of "The Land where man as the image of god was finally defeated?"


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