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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Nazi's were anti alcohol 01 13 2015

So I started to think about Jewish Kosher laws and hethenization of the Jews by the Romans.  And I figured that it meant the Romans made them drink wine and have fetal alcohol mentally retarded children.  So I figured that the Jews in Nazi Germany must have been campaigning for Prohibition and that is why the Nazi's killed them.  But that isn't what I read below!  The Nazi's were anti-alcohol!

But according to this website they knew well back in 1942 that is caused birth defects.  In the United States however I believe we never heard of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome until the 1970's.  And it is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.

Now the United States had Prohibition but FDR snuck into office financed by money looted in the stock market crash of 1929 by selling short.  And the first thing he did was legalize alcohol and repeal prohibition..

France the big wine drinking region?  How could they not come into conflict with a country that was Prohibitionists as was Germany!  The best thing about Eugenics that Hitler ever read disseminated from the United States had to indeed be the dangers of alcohol!

The Federation of German Women was against alcohol.  Last time I looked a Federation was a like a hub of  Jewish religion.

So this brings up still more questions about the 1600 Nazi Scientist's repatriated to the United States in Operation Paperclip.  U.S. soldiers when they got over there told the President that they had discovered something and that is why they were brought back to the United States.

I dare you to say that Prohibition of tobacco and alcohol amounts to Nazi Propaganda!  I dare you to make that equivocation!

I wouldn't really give a hoot about any of this if I wasn't hearing voices in my head that are of heathens!

Auguste Schmidt was the head of the "Federation of German Women's".  She was a teacher.  The surname Schmidt is German AND Jewish.

But the Nazi's being anti alcohol contradicts what I read about some 20% of Jews not being able to drink alcohol because of a gene?   I myself know enough not to drink it!  Perhaps I have the same gene?  More likely I get zapped by a V2k weapon because people are dependent to my mind and therefore it cannot be drunk?  What people?  Those born mentally defective from alcohol?  I believe that to be true!

Good God go to the sight that lists the benefits of Prohibition!  You should be crying!

If Hitler were truly a Prohibitionist he would have put the Beer Baron and Wine and Distillery Families in the Gas Chambers!  But I don't believe he did that!  So that isn't consistent.

More definitive research needs to be done!  Isn't interesting that a lot of research is mixed and can't be trusted on some of these pivotal moments in history?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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