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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Religion and the Real Definition of Psychosis 01 14 2015

Religion is, when you don't forgive someone they have to do something mean to you again.

Isn't that an indication of mental defect that should be classified as one?

And what does a person like that amount to? Meanness being equated with mental defect?

What makes them happy is watching other people work; because they can't! They also like watching and listening to people talk; as if that provides an answer to their problem.

One could almost say that there is either work or there is talk. When talk is part of work it is negotiating for the fruit of labor. But what happens when one of the two parties can't produce? Then they attempt to convince the world that their talking is work and action?

Another delusion by the media! That talk amounts to positive action! It doesn't does it!

And how does that mental defect translate into mental illness in normal human beings? That person who thinks that their talking amounts to work and positive action talks incessantly to a human being whose can work; thereby disabling them with voices in their head so that they can't work!

So what would be the motivation for doing so? It is definitely an attempt to prove they are better! In order so that females are attracted to them as if they are truly successful in fulfilling a role in human society as a man does!

What do we get from that?

2% Fetal Alcohol Mental Retardation

11% Attention deficit disorder

14 % Dyslexia

Water that isn't even safe to swim in!

Add in all the Consumer product related diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc. Add in drunk driving deaths from alcohol! The only thing that can make a imbecile happy; oxygen deprivation to their brains as an escapism from reality!

Psychosis? Who really is psychotic in our human civilization? It is those who seek escapism through drugs from reality! Psychosis being a break from reality. One who seeks a break from reality can not not be labeled psychotic!

They worked pretty hard didn't they! They really provided for their women and society didn't they!

But we have come full circle haven't we! If you don't forgive them then they feel that they have the divine right to do something mean to you again! Divine has connotations of religion! Religious text defines man to be created in the image of God. God is none of the above is he!

Sure our Constitution say's that you have the right to practice religion! That doesn't mean we can't execute you en-mass if you practice torture as religion! And we could call that our religion so as to be proper by your same religious alibi for wrongdoing. Our religion being we execute those who torture and propagandize torture. For those of you who are illiterate torture is Un Constitutional in the United States as it is indeed Cruel and Unusual Punishment! Can't do that! If you hide behind religion we can create one that says people like you should be killed. But we don't have to we already have the Constitution! The Constitution was derived from the spilling of brave American blood; therefore it is enforceable by the spilling of blood for the same exact reasons it was created! Not only is the death penalty Constitutional; it is what was done in order to establish the Constitution! And many of the provisions of it where established by killing bad people. Thereby creating a rule for people to follow so that you would never have to kill someone for that reason again! Get it?

Do you know what happens when you go too far in betraying our Constitution? It is a Presidents duty to protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic! It means the crime you committed in the United States could spill over into deaths in your homeland if you are a foreigner here!

What do those of Religion RELISH more than anything?  Pretending they are something they are not; a leader!

To find a novel way to talk to you inside your head makes them feel that delusion of being a leader!  Somehow they have to be broken!  But they cannot be broken because they are mentally defective!

The Elvis Costello song got it wrong with the lyrics, "He can't be broken because he has no heart!"  That is equating the rational mind as not having a heart.  It is evidence of the inability to comprehend rational thought!  It is the spoiled objection of rational thought!  And therefore the insult that people with rational thought have no heart?  I have been meaning to explain that for quite some time now!  People with rational minds have more heart because they are motivated to look out for our safety!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2015

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