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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

When was the last time you heard the Media championing public rights 01 13 2015

When was the last time you heard the Media championing public rights 01 13 2015

You never hear them talking about homelessness!

You never hear them complaining that the Constitution it being thwarted.

You never hear them complaining about mail fraud and phone fraud and how the elderly and disabled are financially preyed upon.

You never hear them complain when free public services are made into for profit business.

They are part of a Corporate Religion aren't they!

Do you ever hear one talk about the negative health effects of cigarettes or alcohol?  No instead we get the wishy washy veiled business promotions with questions such as, "Should synthetic tobacco be banned."  When men ask the question, why hasn't been immediately subjected to the same rules and standards as regular tobacco.  Just because it is s different mouse that has crawled under and into the tent...still means the tent needs to be burnt!

Very odd!

Ask yourself what kind of a horrible person would sell or market a woman a product that causes her breasts to have to be removed because of breast cancer!  Whoever would sell a product like that isn't one of us!  Just stand back and look at the gestalt of that!

You have disfigured a female body to make it look more like a males!  Only some queer person would do that or allow it to happen to you!

It is the opposite of the drug that they used to treat people who heard voices that caused men to grow female breasts!

Only someone that was highly uncomfortable with their psychological identity or sexual identity would allow that to happen and promote it!

I don't know if I have written this next part yet or not.  But remember when you were back in college and you might have looked to have an encounter with a female at a bar?  Was she smoking?  What do you realize some 30 years later?  That women who smoke have a bronchitis that smells like moldy cheese coming out on their breath every time they exhale!  Absolutely disgusting vermin!  Does it lead to children that are born pale and gauntly with sunken eyes?  Regressive genetic traits?  Absolutely! 

Sick, sick, sick!  And if you say that they are they want to put you on medicine!  Be truthful to yourself and ask yourself what it is really going to take to clean up the world??  Be truthful!  We have to break the cycle of creating bad children!  We can't have anyone get in the way and lobby for the rights of addictive drugs!  Per the United States Constitution it is illegal to sell or give them to a person.  It violates your right to liberty because it is addictive you are not at liberty to stop taking it!  And the person giving or selling it to you will not stop because they get rich doing so!

Not only that it is the worst cruel and unusual form of punishment you could ever give a person!  And that is unconstitutional 

So for a President of the United States to truly be a President he must protect the Constitution and what it really means from all enemies both foreign and domestic!

We have a real problem on our hands in this nation and the world!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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