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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Christian Faiths are Communist Asian Propaganda 01 21 2015 Scrambled Comprehension

The Christian Faiths are Communist Asian Propaganda 01 21 2015

Look at Leon Panetta's face and compare it to a Native American or Japanese leader; it is very similar! Rome was said to be founded by wandering farmers. They had to have been Asian's because the Italian face bears those characteristics along with the dark hair, the round head and often sunken eyes!

What do I see in that face? Meanness looking for opportunity! Learn to spot that and what it looks like! It is like it only stopped being miserable and is temporarily holding a posture for a photo and it can't wait to get back to doing evil where it will not be seen doing it! For media appearances you can see that it is twisted like a spring away from it natural contortion of cursing everything it looks at in life; because it isn't one of us. The Puritans would have called people like that witches and warlocks.

What proof do we have of Rome being founded by Asians other than that? The leading proponent of the Christian Churches was Saul! The name is translated to Paul in the Bible! Saul was an Asian who killed all the followers of Jesus Christ in genocide! Israel was much different than the rest of the middle east back then! There are no pig bones found there! Which means they knew to avoid what they would have thought of as mental illness back then and labeled Satan; a victim of trichinosis!

There are over 75 passages in the Bible that make derogatory commentary on Alcohol and yet it is served at every mass!  That is a fraudulent contradiction!  Snake eyes caused by fetal alcohol syndrome? Look at the pictures on the internet of a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome child and it is undeniable!

We don't think of Italy or Rome being that way however!

Remember this was a horrific force that conquered and hethenized the Jews of Israel as well as propagandizing mental retardation causing alcohol at every Sunday Mass!

So an Asian formed the Christian religion and therefore also influenced the horror of Rome and Great Britain as England was founded by Rome.

But why is this important? Because all of those peoples degraded to the Communist form of Government that isn't freedom! Also the Italians of that strain formed organized crime in the United States that plagues our freedom more than anything else. And the Native Americans of that same Asian strain were complete savages, and today in order to fit in with us we allow them to sell tobacco and run gambling operations! It is a crying shame!

We are not going to get leadership in this country or the world until a Jug Head is more stigmatized and on the lower end of the human spectrum than someone who hears voices and is labeled schizophrenic.

Should we really have pity on those born genetically mentally defective or should we stigmatize them so that people know not to do what caused them; and also so that they know never to seek leadership positions? You already know what I believe and you know why it should be!

We see the results of that failed leadership everywhere the world over! Failed leadership is the cause of every single problem in the world!

Would they ever listen to someone who was made to hear voices in their heads by them? Only if they faced the threat of death for crimes that should be punishable by death! Then it starts to change!

What was the origins of the Catholic Faith really like? It was either you attend Mass on Sunday and respect my mentally retarded son who has the reed hole voice that is the priest and drink this mental retardation causing wine or we burn you alive or have wild dogs chase you and render you!

Homosexuality caused by alcohol?  That is exactly what new research in 2014 tells us!  Normalization of children from drug birth defects threatens the standard of equality we hold so dear!  It lessens the meaning and the rights that are based on equality!  Human rights are based on a standard of equality!  Get it?  It is like I am trying to explain something to people who have scrambled comprehension!  Good God don't you just want to say that to some Jug Head, "Your problem is that you have SCRAMBLED COMPREHENSION!"
That is why China wants the Bible burnt!  It reveals exactly what they are!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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