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Friday, January 16, 2015

Rambo Movie Review 01 16 2015

Rambo Movie Review 01 16 2015

In one of the Rambo movies an Italian actor rescues a United States soldier who was being kept in a pit and starved to be a skinny man!

I find this very unrealistic!  Per my entire life experience an Italian man is far more likely to be of the bad character to be the one to put the man in the pit and keep him there!

And which point he is demonized by voices?

Leon Panetta?  An Italian man and former director of our CIA that advocated torture?

Am I right?

I couldn't be any more right could I!

Leon Panetta?  Secretary of Defense?  And what did I hear an Italian man from the army say on the radio?  That it was the goal of the army to give all head trauma victims one single mans consciousness?  How do you split a human soul without the medical fraud of it being labeled schizophrenia?

Am I right?

I don't want to be this right, but I am!

You think I enjoy writing this stuff? I don't!  I wish I never had to write any of this kind of news again!

Propagandizing a nationality to be the exact opposite of what it is!

What has diversity done to the Untied States?  It has confused the court system so that high level crimes go on without justice being served!  The diversity of low level ethnic crime works as veil to hide the much larger crimes, injustices and broken Constitutional Law!

If you were stuck in a world of imaginary friend world all your life you would have great shame and be so cowardly that you could never admit it! look on the world with an apathetic and sorrowful looking carp mouth!

You don't have that problem with me!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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