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Monday, January 26, 2015

Milwaukee State Normal School 01 26 2015

Milwaukee State Normal School  01 26 2015

That is where I went to college.  It is now called The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  I learned this as on public radio today they were discussing an American Communist named Mildred Harnack who was beheaded by Adolf Hitler.  The commentator of the radio stated that Hitler never believed that Nordic Aryans would betray him!  Hitler didn't know the extent of the broad scope of the defective mind related to fetal alcohol syndrome!

Mildred thought communism would solve poverty!  Social Security helped that a lot in the United States.  While in Communist countries people were worked until their was no cartilage left between their bones and they dropped dead! (For the benefit of the Communist Wealth Class,....Putin has 9 homes!)  So that was what Mildred lost her life for?

What else did Mildred Foster?  Communist Chinese being worked until their is no cartilage between their bones to manufacture goods imported to the United States!  Who benefits from that?

1. Not the American youth that are coddled and sissied; they all want to play childhood games for a living and be worshipped for it.
2.  Not the American Citizen; they do not make any money from that!  It all gets eaten up by Corporate Management and a Financial Market system that churns the publics money to nothing.
3.  Do we get products that last?  No!  All that stuff is junk!  In fact China Creates millions upon millions of tons of toxic electronic waste every year!
4.  Is more money spent for education because we receive cheap Chinese goods?  No quite the contrary is the case.
5. What about the one planet environment?  Those American businessmen have evaded both U.S. environmental and workers rights laws by producing and importing from toxic polluting China!
6.  What about American Manufacturing?  They are undercut by that Corporate U.S. insurrection with connections in those foreign countries!  Not only that they cannot find employees!
7.  Oh and here is the worst thing she did!  She legitimized the one mind for all principle of Communism in the United States that is psychiatry and why Literate American legitimate Normal human beings hear voices and are made ill by the attrition of them!

So why the emphatic "Normal" in "Milwaukee State Normal School"  It is drawing a comparison to that which isn't normal; isn't it!

Things are not what they seem to be!  Know what  you believe in!  Do you believe in yourself or as yourself as a shadow of a once normal human beings mind?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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