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Friday, January 30, 2015

How is animal drug testing (psychiatric and other) any different than a serial killer first torturing small animals (like squirrels) before progressing to humans 01 30 2015

How is animal drug testing (psychiatric and other) any different than a serial killer first torturing small animals (like squirrels?) before progressing to humans?

What would be worse would be the psycho that started off torturing humans; because they gave us no warning as to their abnormality? No clues of animals with limbs excised or eyes removed left anywhere!

Cognitive Countermeasure:

When the percussive sound of the voice wakes you up say to it with your mental voice, “Isn't there a squirrel that you could be torturing instead of me?” What this does it reveals to the psycho that is talking to you just what it is and what its true nature is!

What is the next form those Ger-mans (Ger is the Hebrew word for strange)...George Bush, who shamelessly defied our Constitution and nationally advocated torture.... make a mandatory High School Class, “How to torture small animals?”

The point being all serial killers are said to have started torturing small animals.

I also believe that Native Americans, some Hispanics, Haitians (perhaps Obama as he is stated to believe in traditional African Religion) still torture animals in the United States; including deer. One day out in Waukesha I saw the remains of a deer in a large black plastic bag by the shore of a commonly frequented public lake. Did your neighbors mother give her daughter a book of witchcraft to study as a young girl like mine neighbor did? So you can also lump the cryto satanic in with that bad element of our world.  So when England supported the Native Americans against the colonists this is really what they were supporting? 

I have to ask, I just have to, “Did Dr. Phil or Doctor Oz advise Oprah when they lacerated the clitorises of little girls in an experimental school in Africa?”

But back to experimenting on animals in order to develop drugs, if you look up the history of Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer you see that is exactly how it started! So if you are from Wisconsin and a hunter you would think getting at the source or a problem would be important to you.

But the purpose of this article is really me stating outright that I see absolutely no difference between someone that experiments on animals for the development of drugs and a serial killer. When I was an associate Specialty Chemical Analyst at First Analysis I met one such man who was the Vice President for a Specialty Chemical Company that did animal testing. I will just make one comment, “He wasn't one of us!” ….and all the people I worked with there were exactly like him.

So I am going to start a petition to outlaw all animal testing! The reason being is that it is really an “alibi” and the toxic side effects from the drugs make them something no human being should ever take; the reality being we would be better off without the people who engage in and support such activities! To be honest there are likely Africans who would not welcome them either!

How do we know it is an alibi?  Because the pharmaceutical companies largest profit margins come from psychiatric drugs and the side effects are horrific and have proved to be deadly!

Thomas Paul Murphy Copyright 2015

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The Declaration of Independence spelled out the problem with the Native Americans about as good as it has ever been stated!
"He (the King of England) has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions."  It means he hired them with alcohol and tobacco to commit horrific genocide of the first Americans!

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