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Monday, January 12, 2015

I took a relative to the Hospital Today 01 12 2015

I took a relative to the Hospital Today 01 12 2015

And I started joking with the checkout lady?

"You ever hear of a Doctor writing a prescription for alcohol today?  Or even recommending a patient buy some for use?  You never do!  I bet it never happens!  I bet a Doctor never gives a prescription for alcohol!  But during Prohibition alcohol was only available by Prescription.  And indeed during Prohibition is when a British Surname national drugstore chain expanded very rapidly!!!!  But you never hear of a Doctor writing a prescription for alcohol today or even recommending you go home and have a drink!  Sure now to play the devils advocate that is the next thing you will see doctors doing recommending all their patients drink wine!

Alcohol is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere! It is promoted by the Christian and Catholic Churches!  If all the parents of mentally retarded children sued the church they would go bankrupt!  I think that needs to happen!  It is also the gateway drug to all the other bad ones!  First they give you alcohol to lower your inhibition and then they put the pot pipe in your mouth!

Alcohol is the key sales tool to all the other drugs that there are, narcotics, heroin, meth, cocaine!  You name it!  Alcohol is  a sales tool to get your kid or you hooked on worse drugs!

And what do they say with regard to alcoholics?  Don't even take one drop because your addiction will start again!  Sure come to mass on Sunday and walked right past it right!  What is that?  The most disgusting peer pressure that there has ever been in the history of the world!

They say that if a woman is pregnant she should not even have one drop!  If she and a man are to conceive that they should not have one drop for a long period of time before conception!  But every week at mass it is there for her!  The peer pressure!  9 months times 4 weeks.  That is 36 chances to create a mentally retarded child!

Alcohol has absolutely no place in the Church!  The Bible has absolutely NOTHING good to say about it!  In fact it has a lot of bad things to say about it!  So why is it at mass?  Because it heathenizes populations and creates a kingdom of the mentally retarded!

We get a lot of alcohol propaganda out of France.  I looked up the geographic worldwide distribution of the mysterious RH- blood type and it was highly prevalent in France!  I think of mean people keeping people rotting in dungeons.  I think of gauntly wax dripping like faces and inset eyes.  I think of pale white lifeless flesh.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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