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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Fraudulently Propagandized Stigma of Mental Illness 01 10 2015

Part of the stigma of this illness is to discredit us as being ignorant and of the criminal mind! We are lumped into that stigma every time the use the terms mental illness hearing voices in a derogatory manner on television!

They want to say that because you hear voices it means that you are also of the criminal mind! Just the opposite is true!

None of this could occur without television or radio media! That spoiled propaganda could not be created!

That is only one of the factors that makes it a form of enslavement! It also makes it communism whereby someone else is allowed to determine what you do! Worked to death in a field right! You could work any human being to death in a field couldn't you! Any human being is capable of being worked to death in a field aren't they! At the most extreme, push the wheelchair out their and leave it!

They want you to sign a document that invalidates all your education and declares yourself a retard. Just like how the Communist in Vietnam made tortured prisoners read statements that were derogatory to the United States!

In effect they made them disavow their United States Citizenship and then we never saw them again did we? They went MIA! A lot like the Irish Children sold into slavery by nuns as the movie “Philomenea” was based on!

Again never do you hear the media personalities raise their voice in anger over the homeless! Never!
You never see the media say the majority of "people with mental illness are more likely to be a victim of crime!"  You never hear that qualifying statement do you!
Guess what?  Our Constitution was put in place to protect those who were more likely to be a victim of crime!  Every single word of it!
Usually it is a black woman on television who sneers when she mentions a mentally ill person as a criminal!  I want to see her voice croak as she is forced to say that clause that is true, now that would be responsible journalism!  I want those snakes out of here!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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