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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Recurrent Bladder Infections leading to death in the elderly 01 13 2015

Recurrent Bladder Infections leading to death in the elderly 01 13 2015

I asked a nurse at a hospital about the elderly needing to bathe more often.  And she told me that it was common that they don't need to.

I have to refute this by saying when you don't clean your crotch enough the germs can work their way into your urea and then bladder.  But our medical field doesn't want to recognize this because it means more dirty work.

And recurrent bladder infections can degrade overall health which means compromising the function of other body organs!  That is what it means!  ...Don't you love it when people try to refute simple common sense and logic.

What happens when they don't keep patients clean is that eventually the hospitals become so germ laden that they have to be torn down! 

It is the same issue of dirty planes, trains and cruise ships!  You can't get on a train put your head back on the head rest and not get dandruff as a result!  The busses down in Chicago sometimes had pooled urine in them where bums had been sitting.  And the stories in the news tell of cruise ships that had to be quarantined.

So if you can explain it to the elderly via that highlighted phrasing it makes them more healthy and also therefore easier to live with!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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