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Monday, January 12, 2015

On Obamacare 01 12 2015

On Obamacare 01 12 2015

Next time you go to the Doctor they will tell you that they want an upfront cash copay!  They will also tell you that your private insurance as in the case of United Healthcare is combined with Medicare!  They will not even ask for your medicare card.  So in effect they transferred social security to private insurance companies.  And who owns private insurance companies, first and foremost the wealthy management then the shareholder.  There is only one way we beat  that is going and it is to say that all net income from corporations is pooled and distributed to citizens.  While at the same time capping salaries.  It also liquidates all stock market values.  There are many reasons Corporations are unconstitutional. 

1. They are a Confederacy specifically mentioned as illegal per the constitution.
2. They are a title of nobility "Indemnity Persona"

Plus many other reasons I have listed on my blog, those two reasons are actually the weakest of them.

When they attack disability what is it really going to mean?  I declare it is medical fraud in the case of those who hear voices!  The voices are horrific and the symptoms of that horrific.  But what will it mean when they attack disability?  Will it revert more strongly to the employer or group of employees the employee worked at while becoming disabled?  I believe they will have to foot that bill, at least treble damages as well as end the use of active denial systems that cause people to hear voices!  But we shall see, likely they will cut the disability funding and make as many homeless Americans as they possibly can!  That is their mean spirit!

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That one is based in Minnesota.  Minnesota was a State like Wisconsin where there was some issue with the University System that I am trying to remember.

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