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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Beer Barron Economics 01 27 2015

Beer Barron Economics 01 27 2015

1 Beer Barrel = 31 gallons

There are 128 ounces of liquid in a gallon. So that equates to a total of 31 x 128= 3968 ounces! Now if you divide that by 14 once cups you get, 283 cups of beer in a barrel. Now the total retail price of those beers at an event would be about $5 times 283= $1415.oo

I have to wonder if grains were not originally bleached out white so that the beer looked more like benign water?

What is even more interesting is that it takes 1500 gallons of water to produce one barrel of beer!

The price of a barrel of beer is $80.oo

A statistic on the internet put the cost of a gallon of tap water in Wisconsin at 5 cents. So .05 *1500=75 dollars!

Our 3 month water bill a year ago had a charge of 47.67 fore water usage. Does that mean we used 953 gallons in 3 months? 47.67/.05= 953 gallons? So if you flush the toilet 6 times a day times 90 days and it therefore uses how many gallons per flush? So it probably is a correct number! But doesn't it seem like that is too high a number for your water usage to be? That the toilet should be a lot more efficient than that?

The price of a barrel of beer is $80.oo

Apparently we as citizens of the United States are Financing the water that goes into their profit margins! They cannot be being charged the same amount as we are? But perhaps that 1500 gallons takes into account watering all the grains too. But it really doesn't matter does it! The cost is still the same in terms of opportunity cost for feeding the poor with the water to grow vegetables instead?

But what is the cost of the grains in a barrel of beer? I am betting if they sourced it right maybe $20 at the most! But that is just a guess!

1415-20=1395 1395/1415=98.5 percent profit margin.

But wait! You don't use 1500 gallons of water at home per month and your water bill is much higher that the cost of a barrel of beer of $80 isn't it? How much would 1500 gallons of water cost you if you wanted to make a barrel of beer and factored in that amount?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere. In Wisconsin parents of a mentally retarded child get $80,000.oo in assistance to take care of it!

It also has to be the leading cause of blindness, violence, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, death from car accidents and workplace accidents!  You can add in diabetes and cancer too!

I am also going to tell you that normal human beings minds are demonized so that the mentally retarded can be imprinted from them! What is the cost of that to our Country? Trillions upon trillions!

What is the cost of a human soul? Do you want to factor that into beer production? How much is one worth to the devil? When you don't cover your costs of production and the liabilities that you also create you haven't earned a dime have you! So the next time that you see some arrogant heir to a brewery, winery, distillery or bar restaurant or liquor store, or sporting event where it is sold; just realize that they did not earn their money! It is complete welfare to the wealthy! Doesn't that bother you? The concept of Welfare to the Wealthy?

When I was in High School (circa 1982) there were two holocaust survivors who came to speak; and I listened! They had nothing good to say about beer and alcohol! Do you know what they know that I also know too; it is the cause of meanness!

My father served in WWII as a combat medic!  If the Jewish Federation really wanted to get to the bad roots of WWII they would research the German Beer Barron's in the United States and psychiatry and Schizophrenia as medical fraud!  Do you see how the search on that path is going to be given up  because of a conflict of interest related to money and family relations?  We also don't see you going after Italian and Japanese "Nazi's" from WWII!

When you sit down to watch the Dr. Phil show can you quickly sum up the theme of every single show? It is “meanness” isn't it! All of those family type problems are related to meanness!

I want that meanness gone! I want it gone!

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