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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One bonus article The similarity between Jeffrey Dahmner and the Roman Italian Emperor Caligula 01 28 2015

One bonus article  The similarity between Jeffrey Dahmer and the Roman Italian Emperor Caligula 01 28 2015

Caligula's favorite form of torture was to bound a man upside down and chew off his live testicles!  That is about what we heard the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer did!

But what is the implication with regard to those who would sexually torture and victimize boys as members of the Italian Roman Catholic Priesthood?

They should be executed before that networked group attains so much power that it compares to the Roman Empire! We already see it to day with wealth funneled to the management of corporations and the public mocked about employment!  Limited Liability is the equivalent of nobility status!  It is the equivalent to divine right.  It is illegal per our Constitution to grant a person a title of nobility!  Hence every corporation is Constitutionally illegal!

A Catholic priest told me that Jesus Cross was different that it had a seat on it.  He also said that the body was never found.  To me that reads like when you go to an amusement park and put your head in a hole of plywood that has an image of a clown painted on from to have your picture taken!

It is almost like he went up there and sat in order to make the two criminals crucified along side him curse at him, like he was mocking them in the seat!

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So here is a petition!

Was Barabas really Barnabas who was double crossed by Jesus?

The following is a good read.

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