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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Felon Voting 01 13 2015

Felon Voting

When they are released from prison you either let them vote as if they have been reformed or they should not have been released!

The recidivism rate in Wisconsin prison's is 50%! What happens when someone gets out of prison and cannot vote? They are ostracized in society and feel different, and that leads to them rebelling and committing more crimes!

It is the same way with guns. When they get out of prison you either give them their gun back or you don't let them out of prison!

Here is what it really boils down to! If you don't want them to vote and if you don't want them to have a gun when they are released from prison then they should not have been released from prison! If you truly believe that they should never be released from prison then it means you know that they cannot be reformed! If they cannot be reformed then the death penalty should be applied right away based on the nature of their crimes. And I have a list of those crimes where I believe it is applicable!

  1. All sexual victimizers of children.
  2. Any provider or dealer of a drug or cocktail of drugs that kills someone.
  3. All pimps.
  4. Anyone perpetrating and benefiting from medical fraud.
There is more to the list. But those are the big ones!

And do you know what this will come to? It will come down to either these people having been found to have a genetic defect related to alcohol other drugs or possibly inbreeding.

I used to believe that felons should not be able to vote because it would foster organized crime! But today I believe it to be just the opposite!

I read how a veteran of war was treated at the VA center in Tomah Wisconsin and put on 14 drugs. He died from them! To me that is murder. What else do we see happening? We see a grocery store chain expanding throughout Wisconsin and also a healthcare organization having taken roots throughout the state with a name that means Goddess of the Dawn.

At the Tomah VA they are indeed fostering drug dealing via the amount of drugs that they are dispensing. When you feel pain you adapt to it better. I have had pain in my lower back for 5 years and will not take a single drug for it! When they get you on the opiate hook it they have effectively ended your life! And they do indeed have the technology to make people hear voices in their heads! Colonel John Alexander admitted that on the Jeff Rense show in 1991. But it goes back a lot further than that, to WWII!

My current neighbor works for the VA in Milwaukee. The man who lived their before him was an heir to the Weber Brewery in Wisconsin. This is the device that I saw mounted in the rafters of his garage! After I saw it there they dry walled under the loft section of the garage and the walls of the garage so you could no longer see what was up there and sold the house to the man who works in Human Resources at the VA. Across the street from there is the headquarters to the special education department. I once heard an Italian man on the radio in Iowa who worked for the Army state that it was the goal of the Army to put the exact same consciousness in the heads of every head trauma victim. That means he had to work for the VA too doesn't it! And that means these young men are being driven insane!

Now this man who works for the VA, he cannot even drive a car because he has some kind of vision impairment. The eyes are indeed part of the brain.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 01 13 2015

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