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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Top Goal of Health Scientist around the world should be the study of pre birth brain damage immunity to alcohol

The Top Goal of Health Scientist around the world should be the study of pre birth brain damage immunity to alcohol; that results in adaptive strong verbal ability without knowing the depth of meaning of words, coupled with low IQ.

That right there is the greatest threat to mankind there has ever been!

And what is the point?  If the parts of the brain that are responsible for higher reason are damaged and birth and no one is able to tell because of strong manipulative verbal ability, that person has a motivation to screw up the brains and lives of those without the defect!  And that is alcohol propaganda by the mentally defective!  Can't get any worse than that!  Their brain will never be what yours is!  And alcohol can not hurt their brain much further than it is because it is pre-deformed at birth!  We need to identify any and all such people in the human race!  And in order to prevent them from ruining human lives we are going to have to make it illegal for them to use and enjoy the very chemical that deformed their brain at birth!

And you cannot tell me that a deformed brain at birth is more likely to be an alcoholic than one that isn't!  The best thing you could do for them would be deprivation enforced with deadly force!  Sober them up and let them enjoy normal human life like the rest of us do!  And if they cannot when they are sober then they will be prevented from harming those who can!

And we need draconian justice at all ages in order to keep the human race drug free!  In other words that drug defective bully is not going to be allowed to push drugs and alcohol on your child in order to sell them happiness in place of abuse from them!  No bad apples; meaning meanness!  And meanness isn't subjectively determined; there is physical abuse present or the threat of it!

Sign this petition if you believe in peace!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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