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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Easy Black Cadillac Credit 01 28 2015

Easy Black Cadillac Credit 01 28 2015

My father was a hard working man.  He would never buy a car on "time," meaning a loan.  Back in the 1970's you would see Cadillac's driven all over the place by Blacks.  We thought that they bought them on "Time"  but today I think it was that and Church proceeds.

But let's assume that they were bought on "time."  It is extremely interesting what happens when we do because the Automobile Manufacturers created their own lending units to lend money to the very people that bought their cars.  So what happens when we get our first black President of the United States? 

All that funny money loan amount for Cadillac's bankrupted our Automobile industry and the general taxpayer had to pay it back!

And who is it in Corporate management in the United States?  I have found them all to be snooty because of an inferiority complex, English and English!  The same ones that gave the Indians tobacco and alcohol and helped them fight the colonists in war.  The same ones that laundered drug money from Mexico coming into the U.S.  The same ones that, here we go, aided the slave owning Confederate South in the Civil War!  What conclusion do you come to from that contradiction?  That they hate white American freedom and everything that it means and find it a threat!  We already know that they find the literate a threat to their race because once upon a time they burnt all the books of Ireland!

Here is what you also don't know!  Any and all of those pipelines coming through the U.S.?  They would love to cause a natural disaster with them just like they did with the undersea oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.  It is like a bug headed race that has kept looking for trouble with us!

Easy Credit?  We also saw them fraudulently rig the London Interbank Offer Rate to cause the mortgage crisis.  Some accounts have it that Adolf Hitler's main problem with Germany was the manipulation of the Stock Market.  So perhaps Israel needs to address questions like that in the accurate, proper and manlike manner! 

Black people and brain defective white people are about the same, "Where is the normal white person we can bother today!"

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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