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Sunday, January 25, 2015

It tells where someone came from but not what it encodes for

It tells where someone came from but not what it encodes for

Is it just a marker?  No...;

Romanian, Common gene in the oil rich Middle East...

There were Jews who sided with the Romans.

I research this as one of the friend of one of the meanest men I have ever met in my life is featured in a Journal Sentinel article today as a Philanthropist!

They both know very well that Schizophrenia is medical fraud!  The symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it a medical fraud.

Aaron versus Levite?
Moses versus Aaron? Moses was brother of Arron. 

But wasn't it Moses who was likely a baby of an Egyptian woman and an Egyptian slave, left on the shore and then quickly retrieved?  It suggests Moses and Arron were not brothers?  At least not by same mother and father?

And who was it that did not release the Jews until they admitted to having the same mind as him as King?  How else does one know the meaning of another's dream?

I have an philosophical affiliation with Levite when I read the Bible.  Will have to read about Aaron.

What this is suggesting is that Arronites or Cohenites did not come from the Male Y first human being ADAM Y like the rest of us?

Joseph, son of Judah, was King of Egypt for those who are Biblically illiterate!


He did his Doctoral thesis that proved some sort of nonrandom behavior of plasma or ionization or something like that?

What we have might be the basis of Ganzfield dynamics technology involved in creating and fostering the medical fraud of Schizophrenia?

The absolute meanest man I ever met in my life!


As I look at that group of 1000 that came to the United States from Great Britain I have many questions to ask about them just as I do of the 1600 Nazi's in Operation Paperclip.

Has the rise of the petrochemical industry and the animal and human experiments done using the chemicals that man created helped humanity?  No!  It has created wealth for the few and an environmental liability that is untenable!  How many birth defective have been created by this industry by those who don't behave like men in the first place?  It is unbelievable!

For those of you who abhor animal testing the relationships here are worth investigating.  Animal testing is fraud, the results are falsified no matter what they are so that pharmaceutical chemicals used in targeted genocide of normal humans  (from Adam) are sold for high profit!  And that is another petition there!  Should everyone who is ever put on an antipsychotic be truly informed of the actual life expectancy of someone on it versus the normal and healthy population?  The data is out there and tens of thousands die young every year from it.  But it will never be stated because it is like handing over a statement that proves ones own guilt!

I believe that the Y_Arrons are not able to form their own human reason or human conscience.  Particularly the human conscience.  So again what is the Y Arron encoding as it relates to brain development that is different!

And I don't expect you to understand what this article means, it is more for my personal research.


What is also very disturbing is that that article revealed that the Jewish lineage follows the Mother!  Does that not really make it a race of women; or women centrists?  We see that thinking and the pity for horrific criminals abound in our country today!  But what does it mean with regard to them?  It means that the mother is more important than the father!  Here is where I have a big issue with this!  A son needs to be imprinted by his fathers brain because it is 10% larger and wired differently!  What happens when a son is imprinted by a females brain?  He is always wondering what men are really thinking?  And that patriarchal burden is then put on victimizing real men and women for their male human reason and conscience in the medical fraud of schizophrenia?  To the female minded everything that was born with two legs, not matter how deformed the brain is can be imprinted with a normal human beings brain to some degree of comprehension?  And that man's (or good woman's!) Constitutional rights are completely nulled and voided are they not!  It is an act of complete envy and hatred of the human race (Adam Y) isn't it! 

They don't act or have the emotions of men!  Instead they are like mean hags!

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Thomas Paul Murphy
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And to be fair there are some Cohen's and Smiths and a Dorkas Lincoln in my family geneology!

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