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Friday, January 30, 2015

The Mother is forcing the Son to perform Fellatio on the Father! 01 30 2015

The Mother is forcing the Son to perform Fellatio on the Father! 01 30 2015

You wonder where some adult males of apathetic and insulting faces come from?

Have you ever seen a woman talking to the unborn baby in her womb? In fact they (science/media) told all women that they should do that! (Isn't that the greatest contradiction of how things should never be, (science/media???) One doesn't know what it is talking about and the other can only relate to what it is talking about in a language that they never want to have to explain!!!!!

But the reason they want the mother to talk to the unborn child is because it helps imprint the child's brain!

See where I am going with this?

So the mother does that for awhile and the proceeds to perform fellatio on her husband. Has she not just imprinted that unborn son to be a homosexual that performs fellatio? The Mother is forcing the Son to perform Fellatio on the Father!

Okay I am supposed to beg off saying that the Jewish religion is based on a female genealogy table. And I want make mention to the veiled language of fellatio as a reward in the Bible either. Or that the son's of Aaron whom Moses ritualistically slaughtered have recently been found to have a different ancestry than the first humans from Adam. Read the book of Leviticus in your Torah. You sort it out!

I am reminded of what I heard an old Italian women said once, “That woman is for fu7king and that one is for marrying.” It makes me wonder if women who perform fellatio should not have a hysterectomy to prevent the instance of the psychotic son; that has a very hard time fitting into civilization!

Doesn't it create a homosexual identity that the son will struggle with all his life? And you've seen how mean kids are? Is that why a bully goes for the groin? Because he has a completely feminized soul; is it his odd attempt to strike out at men in the world for having to be part of performing fellatio?

The first thing a whore momma teaches her son is how to perform fellatio!

Now what if you advocated that women should not perform fellatio while pregnant? If you did that then the man would claim that he gets to see other women in order to satisfy himself wouldn't he! And then we get more illegitimate children who will never have their minds imprinted by a loving biological father!

Imprinting or brain entrainment has long been a valid principle in psychology. Can you see who in our world might want to inverse imprint from a son of a man; and cause them to hear voices in their head? Cute isn't it! Who is it that would want to join with the mind of a normal and legitimate adult male more than anything else in life? Schizophrenia is medical fraud, the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause of it makes it medical fraud!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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