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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How would you destroy a Russian Tank if it came rolling down the street of your village 01 28 2015

How would you destroy a Russian Tank if it came rolling down the street of your village 01 28 2015

A well regulated militia is required by our Constitution!  Essentially that means drug free men of sound mind.  Is there a munitions locker in your village with weaponry capable of destroying a tank?  Such as depleted uranium heavy caliber weaponry?  What about a Russian Hinde helicopter?  Are their surface to air shoulder held missiles in that weapons locker?  No!  But that is required by a Constitutional well regulated militia!  Are there neighborhoods in your city, Milwaukee for instance, that should not have such a munitions locker and do not have sound men to form a militia?  I would say yes!

Just because you don't like what our Supreme Law the Constitution does not mean that you have the right to contradict it in law! In fact the contrary is the case!

For you to have armor piercing bullets is indeed a felony offence per Federal Law!  And that contradicts the full meaning and intent of the United States Constitution; the Supreme Law!

I write this after reading a local newspaper article that praised an American woman who was a Communist in WWII.  Communism was really a manner for the wealthy to enslave the human work force!  They experimented on people too!  Horrific!  Labor camps too!  It was another instance of a small group of people promoting a form of Government as happy land, whereby when you get there the rules are quite different!

Can I tell you that I can sense what the evil mind wants to do already?  It wants to create a series of attacks in the United States whereby it can indoctrinate martial law and use our own military force to evict and ruin us!

How to destroy a Russian Tank if it cam rolling down your street! You are not even allowed to conceive of how to do that; per Federal created law which is the exact opposite of the Supreme Law the Constitution!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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