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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Is that the only conclusion you can come to? 01 18 2015 updated

"Is that the only conclusion you can come to?"  01 18 2015

How many people would like to see that be a common response to unintelligent and leading media questions?

But to ask a question like that would be a diagnostic criteria to label you as being an antisocial person!

But isn't that all the media is today?  Propagandizing preconceived conclusions? They are soft pitches!  Soft pitches to the people you like and hard ones to the people you don't like!  Keep the people you don't like out of the media because they are a personal threat to knowledge of your lack of intelligence, insight and competence?

Should we ever have to deal with any of this?

Every time I hear a question based on the wrong conclusion I want to hear that asked.  Now often it is stated that way to give the person the opportunity to defend their position!  However, that is too much the norm when we should really have questions that support the persons position and are asked with an understanding of the depth of the topic!

What is it otherwise?  Glossing over important matters?  That isn't how men and adults are supposed to view very important professions! 

Does the question immediately discredit?  Does the question lead to a lesser depth of conversation than is required?

It all appeals to the lesser human standard of addiction!  Addiction as a way of life in defeat of being truly competitive and normal?

Subjectively leading America away from knowledgeable beliefs that you don't like and don't want to be true!


In the future a completely new Bible will be written that supersedes everything in the Bible and in it we will all be described as having the same mother named LUCY.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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