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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Wealthy are Motivated to drag the United States into Communism as a matter of wealth preservation and the inability to compete fairly 01 31 2015

The Wealthy are Motivated to drag the United States into Communism as a matter of wealth preservation and the inability to compete fairly 01 31 2015

What did we see after at attack on the United States?  Not preparation of the American Citizen to arm themselves but in fact just the opposite!  More gun control!  911 was an excuse to put forth more gun control rather than what the correct action would have been to arm the citizen for a legitimate threat on the Homeland!  But what did we also see domestic spying on the U.S. Citizen and also (our Eagle is crying) a President from a wealthy family advocating torture!

What is the hidden agenda they are following?  Dragging us into Communism as a matter of wealth preservation and control!

And I could go on about how the BATF rules are completely ridiculous and consistent with that principle.  For example if a young man buys a "receiver blank" for an AK-47 or Ar-15 and drills the holes just right and welds the rails on it he then has to pay the BATF $200.oo.  What does that amount to?  Punishment for his American Ingenuity!  The wealthy want that all farmed out to China where George Bush Sr. was ambassador to!!!!  In effect they have to pay for their own skills and engineering!  That is horrific!  Not only that if they do not they can be charged with a felony and end up in prison?  Now Sensenbrenner talked about a built o dissolve the BATF.  But that appears to be more of a blocking action.  In effect saying you want to do something and not following through on it so that no one else tries to do it!  Same goes for the Bill a Republican wanted to put forth that invalidated all Federal Gun Control Laws.  They are all Unconstitutional!  So that person makes his own gun and then he has to pay a markup fee to the BATF that makes it more expensive than if he had just purchased it!  It goes right along with my Lesbian comment in the article before this one today doesn't it!  Wanting everyone to believe that you can provide everything that they need so that they never desire to achieve anything themselves and are thwarted from it!

Had he have bought one with the holes in it already he would have had to gone through a registered gun seller which is called an FFL.  However because it didn't have holes in it he didn't have to!  But the blank could still be sold to him!  Even though when he is finished making it with his own two hands he has to pay $200 or risk felony imprisonment?  Do you see how this is subjective entrapment of normal American young men?  That is God awful!  They should have had to have registered the product in some way before they were ever allowed to complete the purchase if you wanted to keep a rule that was Unconstitutional in the first place! 

But when you see the hoopla of who is or isn't running for President realize that each and every single one of them has that same sick motivation! 

Now here is how the sons of men learn!  We learn at a very young age the physical and engineering world.  So indeed these laws are really an attempt to invalidate any of the significance of our skill levels.  A responsible man knows how to make something so that it doesn't injure him!  He knows what is safe and what isn't!  George Bush had none of that manliness!  And to think of all the legions of young wealthy males that supported him!  People like that have no place in the United States!  But again the whole concept of limited liability was set up just for them; it was a matter of wealth preservation too!  And it is Unconstitutional because it is the equivalent of giving someone a title of nobility; read the Constitution if you are not dyslexic like the other 43.5 million Americans who don't mind having the wool pulled over their carp sucking mouths!

If you think Jeb Bush is any better than that;  good lord what a horror you are!

We never hear that you need to arm yourself because their are mentally retarded drug addicts out there!  Or that the son or daughter of an alcohol or other substance abuser can be one of the most dangerous people that you ever meet!  But that is what we should have been told!  The reason we were not told it is because that is who is in power today!

It would be a totally different country if we cut off trade with slave labor planet polluting China!

Have education standards of achievement gone up with children having cell phones?  No!  They just get more awful and awful because of them!  No one remembers how the "pagers" were first introduced to facilitate drug dealing.  And then of course when everyone gets addicted and their children are dumb as doorknobs because they can't raise them themselves; then we hear that drugs should be legalized! 

My mother is elderly and there was an Italian man in the paper who went to jail for child pornography and drugs.  She couldn't figure out why they went to jail for looking at that.  My answer to her was two fold.

1.  If you could only visualize what would be being done to those children it would make you cry it was so horrific! Think of innocent faces being victimized; again consistent with George Bush advocating torture isn't it!

 2.  You would never want someone like that living in your neighborhood because they were so creepy!  The motivation to action follows the horrific desire doesn't it!  How old are they?

Of course if they had normal workshop interests good ole George would have the BATF storm into their homes because they didn't pay the $200.  And a lot of those BATF rules are about the same as that one!  They kind of sand away at the creation of American Men!

So they created rules about a judge determining if someone is mentally ill or not?  First and foremost they should have been applied to people like George Bush advocating torture or even Oprah and her clitoris lacerating experimental school in Africa.  Do you see why we need wealth redistribution today in order to preserve the Constitution?  Look at what these nuts do when they have money?  When you think of Deportations do not limit your idea of the Concept to Mexican, expand it to Germans, Italians, Africans, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, etc!  Why?  Because there are subgroups of these people here who cannot live among us without being in direct conflict with the United States Constitution!  But what is that sanding away at the creation of American men really amount to?  It is Consistent also with the preservation of a concept called Monotheism!  Which really means the jealous male sissy can't stand it that there are males that are far more intelligent than him!  It means that the child who has no personal identity is allowed to think like it is one of us whether it be male or female!  If you have money instead of being something you get to be someone else along with others.  And the victims of that medical fraud are labeled schizophrenic!  Cute isn't it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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