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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why the African psychology doesn't work in the United States 01 13 2015

Why the African psychology doesn't work in the United States 01 13 2015

In Africa mental illness is very rare because A person will admit to confessing that they are cursing another human being and the reason why.  And then it is over!

That dynamic changes abruptly in the United States when the one being cursed knows exactly why they are being cursed and actively behaves in a manner so that they are continued to be cursed, in effect they soak it up like a sponge because they are mentally defective.

So what would they do in Africa about people that could not behave and respect the rights of their fellow tribesman?  Would they do away with those citizens?  My reading tells me that is correct.

But isn't that what justice is supposed to be?  No one is ever given any reason to curse anyone else!  And when people engage in what amounts to criminal behavior they are punished and therefore reform! 

It works differently when someone is harming others and inciting cursing of them and not being punished for it!  That is a rare breed that has popped up in the United States!

You would think it would have been extinct a long time ago!

Isn't that called, "Asking for trouble?"

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