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Monday, January 19, 2015

Should the United States support Israel 01 19 2015

Should the United States support Israel 01 19 2015

That was a poll title I read as I was clearing out my mailbox at

No!  We should never have supported Israel of a host of other foreign countries!

In fact we should demand that they give us back every Lincoln cent that we ever gave them as use it in support of Social Security disability payments in the United States!

Why support them?  How many centuries have gone by and we don't even know what they believe in! 

But from what I have read in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible; none of it is good!

God told them Israel was theirs and all that land?  JESUS CHRIST I hear voices tempting me to, but I don't use them to justify criminal theft of property!  What an excuse to absolve yourself from any crime or need to work to earn a living to support your family,  "God told me their lands was mine!"  Real cute isn't it!  One percent of the population has that same mentally defective God talking to them!  But we don't commit crimes based on it because we have a human conscience and human reason that prevents us from doing so!

Want to support Israel?  Let's see them come forward with the truth!  Lets see them tell the world that the satanic mind is created from alcohol!!!  Let's see them tell the entire world that schizophrenia is a medical fraud!

"God told me this, god told me that?"  The question should really be, should we force medicate all of the Israelites?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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