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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Psychotic Mind bases all its thoughts on Sex 01 28 2015

The Psychotic Mind bases all its thoughts on Sex 01 28 2015

Now that is what they used to say.  And it is still true to some extent; but some clarification as to the cause of it being true needs to be articulated!

The reason the psychotic mind is fixated on sex is because the mentally defective minds only connection to the world of men is through what is called "The Holy Spirit!"

Are human minds warped because of the connection of the mentally defective to their holy spirit?  They sure do try to!  And it also opens one up to control via demonic possession!

The mentally defective want you to DISSEMINATE as much of that holy spirit as you can!  It is like a life force to them!  But what does it do to you?  The Bible states it best; "What does the desire for the sloth hole do to a man?  It killith him!"

So is the psychotic mind really psychotic without that connection to its Holy Spirit?  If there were no mentally defective that needed their minds inverse imprinted from normal humans would any single one of us be either psychotic or hearing voices?  No; I declare!

What I am getting at is the psychotic mind is directed to sexual thoughts via demonic possession from those born mentally defective!  Why again?  Because the defective minded only make the connection to the world of men through DISSEMINATION from our Holy Spirit!

And there might indeed be a genetic lineage that fits the above archetype to a Tee!

And is it normal to think about sex?  Yes.  But if you hear voices you might have to clean up your thoughts in order to avoid being demonically possessed by a mentally defective person who would love nothing more than steal your skill set as the voices of  a heathen tribe chanting to you prevent you from using them! They trade places with you but they do not legitimately fill those careers and professions as responsible human men would!  That is why they needed limited liability!

So here again is the petition!  And I don't blame you if you think this is all crazy diatribe banter!  I don't care!

This business structure, not of men, has no place in our United States Democracy or Republic, whatever you want to call it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
Originally published on 01 28 2015 at:

Should a person who cannot raise a child be allowed to have one?  How do we determine ahead of time who can't raise their own children?  Does it have to do with crime ridden neighborhoods or a family history of crime or drug abuse?  An Milwaukee Italian newspaper once declared that all American Italians were related.  That means they are all tied to the organized crime that started the drug use, boot legging, prostitution, religious fraud, Priest molestations.....,  how else is one supposed to see it?

Any American Adult who has entered the Corporate workforce knows there is absolutely no difference between networked crime and organized crime!  Networking being the who you know principal!  Do you know how I view that principle from experience, "Who would have ever wanted to have known them!"

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