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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

India Can't Be Trusted 01 27 2015

India Can't Be Trusted 01 27 2015

The United States gave them nuclear technology to build electric power plants with and the first thing they did was use it to develop nuclear missiles!

Anyone who has ever had a cold call to them with the hopes of getting credit card and identity information knows that is an India Indians voice!

They are also in our banking/ corporate investment industry today and participated in the mortgage fraud by rigging the London Interbank Offer Rate.  Some of the British banks that are present in the United States laundered drug money coming here from Mexico.

They have pilfered corporate coffers of Koss Corporation in Milwaukee and spread the money around like gypsies through expensive gifts.

And indeed their was one out East that forged over 10,000 autopsy records for court proceedings!  That amounts to an act of genocide of United States Citizens doesn't it!

They believe in a religion whereby they desire to join with a "higher consciousness", and that is a cause of the medical fraud of schizophrenia!

We should not be giving them any radioactive material or technology.  They have enslaved people from their own population!  They worship the rat in the belief it is their ancient ancestor!

Let me ask you this.  Is it fair that they are allowed for their population to boom to well over 1 billion whereas we in the United States attempt to remain at a responsible level 312 million. What is going to be their only course of action related to feeding those 1 billion people?  We are seeing the tip end of it already with fraudulent phone calls!  They are also part of the marijuana propaganda machine in the United States!  It causes delayed mental development, AKA mental retardation!!!  THEY HATE US!

The British labeled them WOGS, Wiley Oriental Gentlemen!  Think of that every time you hear the voice of one calling you on the phone and asking you for your credit card!  A red flag should be going up with you right away when you hear that India Indian voice!

I don't like to be a racist but the abuse on our Constitutional Rights is adding up!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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