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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Every Catholic Mass is a Direct Contradiction to Jesus Christ 01 14 2015

Every Catholic Mass is a Direct Contradiction to Jesus Christ 01 14 2015

At every Catholic Mass the Priest holds the Golden Chalice of Alcohol high above his head! What is that? That is TEMPTATION!

What did our Lord Jesus Christ tell us in The Lords Prayer.



There are over 75 references in the Bible that are derogatory to Alcohol!!! But you never hear of them at Catholic Mass! And look at the gestalt of that? What is the Bible telling us? It really isn't any different than the Muslim religion because it does not believe in alcohol!

What are the penalties for religious fraud? In order to calculate we have to add up the damages it has caused.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere!

Let's go back to 1932 when Prohibition was defeated. How many Catholic Churches are there in the United States today? 17,644. Now take that figure over 83 years. 52 plus masses every year. How many times has the American public been subject to temptation? I come up with members of the Catholic Faith being tempted over 76 million times. No that is quite the understatement! The current Catholic Faith in the United States has 78 million members! I can't regress the data to 1932 because I would have to figure in population growth. But lets just take it over about 10 years. 10 *52 =520. So a faithful Catholic goes to mass at least 520 times in 10 years. And how many are their 78 million. That works out to 40.56 Billion individual times of temptation?

But wait it gets better! I failed to call it the Roman Catholic Church out of abbreviation. Rome also founded England! The United States had more problems with England than any other country in history! Do Protestant Churches also tempt their parishioners with alcohol in contradiction to the Lords Prayer? Yes! So all the Protestant Churches in the United States fall into the same economic marketing for Italian Wine? Something like that. How many Protestant Churches are there? It doesn't list that on the website I was looking at. But there are many different denominations like how a spy cell network operates. And the total percent of Protestants from those denominations adds up to be 51.9%. And that is just glancing at the percentages listed and adding them without reading too much more than that.  I wont factor in the added impact in stat format.

Did I mention that it is highly addictive? And that if you are an alcoholic, someone that is addicted to alcohol, that you should not have one drop ever again in your life! That means something very nasty with regard to temptation too doesn't it!

Mental Retardation from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere with a 2% prevalence rate of the birth defect.

Dyslexia is a reading disorder. What does the word to retard mean in the dictionary? In means to delay the development of! So that is part of mental retardation too! Some figures put the rate of Dyslexia as high as 14.5%!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? The inability to sit still, respect the teacher and listen. In effect it is a truncated memory structure. And that can only happen because of a defective hippo-campus! The child cannot relate or imprint from what an adult is saying to them! Why it can't form long memory structures! Can it create its own human reason and human conscience without its own long string memory structures? Doubtful! This is perhaps the worst of the lot. As high as 11% in 2007.

Why they don't lump genetic defects like autism, cretinism, Asperger's, down's syndrome in with that is for business reasons! Are we supposed to believe that alcohol is a selective genetic deformer in fetus DNA? Who are you kidding!
How many notice abnormalities in the voice of Priests?

Alcohol as the primary cause of violence in the world? This one is real simple! Depriving the brain of oxygen while at the same time spiking testosterone the male hormone 20 minutes after drinking!

Car accidents!

Poor decision making!

How about the criminal mind? Is the criminal mind a lot exactly like one deprived of oxygen? All crime!

Alcohol psychosis! All psychosis is! Not only that Psychosis is defined as a break from reality! What is a drug of oxygen deprivation and escapism really? It is a person seeking a break from reality for themselves! All who drink it are self inducing psychosis!

Okay I am going to throw it in the mix too! Recent evidence in 2014 suggests that there is strong positive correlation between a defect in the serotonin regulation gene and homosexuality! Again are you trying to tell me that a substance that causes genetic defects by the mechanism of oxygen deprivation cell death is gene specific? I am not that gullible, naïve and stupid!

But as I was saying to a gal today after noting that a pack of cigarettes cost 6 dollars or 20 cents a piece and then the conversation turned to alcohol. I said, “The thing about alcohol is the meanness it creates!”

Add up all those costs and what do you get? There isn't enough money in the entire world to compensate for the pain and suffering in human lives you created!

May the Pope read this! The Pope talks about wanting to end homelessness! It is caused by meanness isn't it! I was thinking this today! What if every person on television had to interview homeless people as a prerequisite! Would you want a person that felt themselves superior to a homeless person to be on your television set? Would you want a woman who looks down at men who were good and played by the rules and became homeless because of mean people to be on your television set.

So I believe we have enough evidence here to make a case in a court of law against the Protestant Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church of Italy! Eric Holder and Barrack Obama are you prepared to protect the Constitution like you signed an oath to?

Addictive substances violate your Constitutional guarantied right to Liberty! Why? Because they are addictive you are not at Liberty to stop taking them!

Any one ever notice that every religion is indeed its own church and state competing with the state Government? They are okay until they attempt to violate the state! And they have in many ways!

And they are indeed religious fraud because they violate the principles of the man that they profess to worship and the principles in the Bible! I don't believe that they even have the ability to clean up their act to comprehend and conform to the principles of the Bible! They are alcohol marketing and always have been!

I don't expect to ever be successful or live the American dream, so this is all throwing punches as I am going down!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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