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Monday, January 19, 2015

Green Bay Packers 22 at Seattle Seahawks 28 01 18 2015

Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks 01 18 2015

They are both wearing green. When the halftime show came on I started to wonder how many of those aggressive commentators served in Viet Nam.

Then I realized that we have been at War in the Middle East for over 25 years! Watch the football game every Sunday in the Fall and Winter and it is a complete distraction from any awareness of that!

Then I started to wonder how well would coach McCarthy of the Green Bay Packers or the coach of the Seattle Seahawks do in the Army as a Captain. They are indeed the commanders of their teams, the planners and play callers, much like a captain handles group logistics in the Army?

I have also often thought how great Professional Athletes would make as a armed service force? But we know it isn't the case; drill sergeants tell us that they cry like babies in boot camp and quit. So much for Charles Van Hise FDR eugenics. (German American)

Then I had to ask myself some more questions. How many teams are there in the total of Professional Sports? Let's just look at how many fans are in the stadium today? Without knowing I would say 50,000. So that is transportation for 50,000 people to the game and home from it. Then you get into all the air travel and truck transport. Now multiply that by the total number of teams in the NFL and the total number of games played. Also do the same and add in all the other popular U.S. Professional Sports that you can think of. Paying the utilities of the stadiums and hotel rooms.

What am I getting at? That is a lot of oil based energy being consumed! Would we be at War if we didn't have to foot that energy signature footprint bill? I would make the argument that in terms of the United States being energy independent all of that has to end!

Now look at how well players in the NFL are protected? Shoulder pads, quadriceps pads, tailbone pads, chest protectors helmets with face-guards suitable for protecting from injuries in the activity being conducted. Now compare that to the army? Just the basic necessities along with a rifle that is prone to failure. Leg's being blown off, no protection there. The lowest level recruit... we already know how they had gear sent to them from home in order to be more protected.

So for some reason you want to say that these players are better than armed forces members? They are both non-academic and I really don't see a difference! They call them weekend warriors? And they get paid millions. The veterans come home from the INFINITY WAR and many are homeless. It gets better at the VA in Tomah Wisconsin recently a man was prescribed over 14 drugs at the same time, mostly opiates. It was ruled death by multi drug toxicity. Indeed some are given so many drugs that they likely have set up professional drug dealing operations. Great for the local children that won't go on to play in the NFL, right?

I would recruit all of the Professional Sports players for any new military conflict. And do you know that a soldier can be shot to death for being AWOL! The guy who put vinyl siding on our house years ago told me how he was an MP and shot an American to death in the back, for not halting from a military prison.

What is all this really to me? It is like a insurrection from Great Britain or Rome, and England was founded by Rome so there isn't much difference, in my humble opinion.

No one else writes anything like this. Why do I write this? Because I believe in a America and I write what I would like to read and what I think someone needs to say! I was not afraid to ask questions while in college.

As an American I find no commonality with them. What is my beef? I don't need to hear voices. I don't believe in a great many aping the intellect and skill sets of the remnant few.

So I created a petition to address this back in October of 2014. It has only one person who signed it, me.


But maybe there is just one other person out there who has the type of mind that likes this. I know that there is; so indeed maybe this helps them get by in life! To know that they are not alone.

Did I like playing football when I was young? Absolutely. I have very fond memories of my father teaching me to throw a perfect spiral. Every year when the season starts I get that football out, go to the park, throw it, run to it, pick it up and throw it again. I don't need a friend to do that! I don't feel the slightest bit self conscious for doing that either!

What was my experience with grade school and high school coaches and athletic departments? The willful expression of personal insult and spoiled temperament! And I see that on the faces at the sideline today. I don't like it today as I didn't then and it is a national shame!

Something about it in the Bible where they would they all agreed never to mention the name of god? What were they talking about? Israel means the one who victoriously wrestled with God. Has a lot of logical extensions to it doesn't it.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2015

Originally published on 01 18 2015 at:


And I do wonder if accrued revenue was not recorded in one year so that we had a State Budget deficit that Scott Walker used to necessitate breaking unions and firing school teachers? I wonder if those books need to be investigated. The goal being all private schools, where the credibility of the graduate is less likely to be questioned? Scott himself didn't graduate from college did he. You know what it makes grade school and high school; childhood development as a zombie. What they will be telling us is that every single football player is the absolute best candidate for serving in public office. My memory of the star athletes was something far different, mean kids who should have been wearing dunce hats and sitting in the corner.


We are also hearing that the United States has become oil independent and an oil exporter? And I have to ask if fracking, high rise construction of office buildings or apartment complexes loosened highly radioactive radium deposits in Waukesha and other parts of the state. Or are we just getting our oil from increased Saudi production and the water tables are being injected with poison? On public radio a while back they stated that the majority of rural ground water is contaminated with Atrazine. They also tell of how rural intelligence is very low. Atrazine is a lot like the Nazi gas Zyclone B or hydrogen Cyanide. See where I am going with this? To a lot of rural young men the dream is to become a professional athlete! That is all they think about! They likely have pictures of NFL players cut out of magazines and thumb tacked onto their walls.

I just have to ask you this. What do you get when you attempt to water field crops with radioactive water! Relax they are legalizing marijuana for all the naysayers just like you! I don't like that either, by the way.

So you don't want to sign my petition? They are advertising boxing on this football game! I have a video for you to watch. Four punches is pretty fast for a heavyweight. I weigh 206 pounds and I am throwing about 7 punches per second with a slipped disk in my lower back in the video.

Title “About as fast as I get so far.”

or this one that doesn't have sound.

Title, “Twelve Seconds.”

Game commentary. At the end of the game Arron Rodgers looked like he was running home from a bar drunk.

Seattle? With all the homeless youth in the Pacific Northwest? All of those who went out to California searching for the American dream, only to be raped and homeless? A minority in their own country.

I wasn't going to publish this because it is just sour grapes.  But maybe a Veteran would appreciate it, so I did.
Professional Sports are all completely rigged!  I knew that the Packers were going to lose on Saturday!  How did I know?  I don't expect you to believe it.  But the dependent minded only have their skill sets when a connection to a mind that hears voices is being made.  And I don't expect you to believe this next part either.  That connection is facilitated by a type of technology that has about the same properties as an "Agonizer" did in a Star Trek episode.  But once that remotely located "Agonizer" is turned off, then the dependent minded run around like chickens with their heads cut off!  Think of it like that old hockey board game while all the players are in motion until the electricity that vibrates the board is turned off; then there is dead silence and they become inanimate!  Well that "Agonizer" was turned off on Friday Night 1/16/2015.  It is back on now but it was off!  What does it mean?  That they could not win a game via their own individual talent!  It also means that a much higher occult like group in our society secretly controls things!  So why turn  it off?  To ensure gambling house betting odds and make a killing through organized crime! Here is another unbelievable petition.  But Germany is repatriating its gold and bringing it back home to Germany.  Is it because people are catching on to this?
If you are an honest American, read the text of this next petition very carefully and then sign it!
Are we more fans of a Sports Franchise than we are of American Freedom?  Make the choice!

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