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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The English Treat Women Like Dogs 01 04 2015

The English Treat Women Like Dogs
  1. First the very wealthy “Groom” them. It doesn't mean what you think it does, it means they pass them around and in effect gang rape them.
  2. The the ones that they like are culled from and sent to “Finishing School”? Where they learn all the mannerisms of maintaining the wealth class.

What is that really? Piratization of women?

Essentially it is degradation, which means neglect, and then culling!

And their national origin is indeed one of pirates! The word Britain comes from a word that means Tattoo!

Rum and alcohol and pirates? Alcohol has been the greatest destroyer of the purity of the human gene pool there has ever been! It is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.

What did I read? That England has one of the highest rates of women binge drinkers and also lesbianism! What is lesbianism? It is ruined human genetics! You have created a woman that is basically abhorrent of human heterosexual based reproduction! That is a ruined gene pool. And the new scientific evidence, in 2014, supports that! There is a high correlation between homosexual behavior and a genetic defect tot he serotonin regulating gene!

For all the pomp and circumstance of the gene pool propagandized in Britain they really have the worst gene pool possible don't they! Look at Prince Charles ears! I think we are going to be seeing more about his brother Andrew in the news! He looks like Jeb Bush. So I can envision he becomes King of England and Jeb becomes President of the United States. Why? That is how the mind with a defective serotonin gene works! And we also have Indian Gambling, Gambling and Prostitution in the United States because of that English influence!

What do I think of when I see that Nazi cannon based in Belgium that is pointed at England? I think how Ireland greatly needed those in its history as well as today!

George Washington made sure we used what were effectively shot guns in the Revolutionary War against Great Britain! (i) We won that War!

The Irish Brigade out of New York used them in the Civil War against the slave owning south and also Great Britain and we won that War! There is an Irish Cross mounted at the Battle of Gettysburg! (i)

We also used the shot gun in WWII against Germany and they complained heavily about it! Imagine that a country that was experimentally torturing Jews complaining because we used a shot gun against them in War! (i) And it is highly effective in close quarters combat! Would we not have defeated Nazi Germany without the shotgun? I believe that to be true given that they complained. But that is just pure speculation, I haven't researched it and I wasn't there. But my father told me of the Germans using Machine Guns in the Hurtgen forest that were chopping down trees! Or something like that!

The Germans also had a strong influence in maintaining slavery in the Confederate South! The word Ger means strange in Hebrew so in effect Ger-man means strange man!

Now would Prohibition gone a lot differently if we had used the shot gun rather than the English Thomson Tommy Gun that proved to be inaccurate? You better believe it would have! But what happened at the tail end of Prohibition? The real drug dealers came forward didn't they! FDR whose family money came from the Opiate trade with China! He was of English and French nationality!

  1. Source: GUNS Magazine February 2015 Issue “The Star Wars Shotgun” by Holt Bodinson

You got my pure stream of consciousness with this one.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2015

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PS. I also want to mention that I believe that there is a high positive correlation between Dog Ownership and Alcoholism. It might have to do with antihistamine effects of alcohol to the dog skin allergens or resident strep virus? This might be very helpful correlation in preventing meningitis deaths on college campuses. I also find Dog Owners to be of a much less socially responsible intelligence!

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