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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Criminal Mind Rehabilitation 02 06 2013

Criminal Mind Rehabilitation 02 06 2013

You ought to keep a diary of everyday of your life and write down every mean thing you did or were complacent with having done to other people.

As a matter of fact every criminal found guilty should be allowed to and mandated to keep a personal diary of every mean thing they ever did or participated in doing with other people.  It will remain private for their entire natural lives and can be opened to the public after they are dead.

This would be the best form of eliminating the criminal mind and crime from our world.
There are problems with it such as criminals not being able to express themselves or having the ability to read or write.  And we are to assume that those who keep the diary are completely honest with themselves and what they write, rather than try and paint a different image or fool the gates of heaven?

Some day you will read it and hate the person you are today!  And that is the best form of reform the world would ever experience.

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