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Sunday, January 5, 2014

San Francisco 49rs 23 Green Bay Packers 20 01 05 2014

San Francisco 49’rs  23 Green Bay Packers 20   01 05 2014
50 Hawk, if you are going to lead the defense that means positive results happen when you lead.
Javon Williams 38, when you catch the ball for an interception you don’t run sideways you head like an arrow for a touchdown!

Then they started television Arron Rodgers calling the plays out to the offensive line so we could hear them.
“Oars Oars Oars” I took that to mean 3 receivers go out close.
“Jerry Jerry Jerry” that I took to mean three wide receivers to the back of the endzone.
As for “Green 18, Green 18” versus just “Green 18” The double would be a running play for a goal of 18 yards and the single a throw and reception for 18 yards.
Don’t know if any of that is true with regard to the nature of their plays.  Oh, and I also wondered if the plays are still being called in to a microphone in the QB’s helmet?
Q2 Go for a first down as a quarterback and you can’t be sure that they won’t be out to kill you and end your career.  And back when I played the game that wasn’t how those of us that respected the sport played it.  We tackled everyone in the same way.
Eric Reed Free play.  For those new to watching the game per my memory that means the defense was offsides and therefore;
1.       If the offense advances or does well on the play it stands.
2.       If the defense intercepts or does well it doesn’t.
Opposing player saying no catch and waving his arms left and right when it is, is really a distraction from the game!    We don’t need those bad defense attorneys on the field trying to make the ref second guess himself when he doesn’t need to.
It was hard to see where the scrimmage line was.  On my TV set I would like subtitle on the bottom of the screen that is clear to understand telling me what yard line the ball is at.  The number  is red if it is to the left of the 50 yard line and the offense is going to the right and it is green if the offense is on the right of the 50 yard line and they are going to the right with the ball for the end zone.
44 Stark, you don’t run the ball with your arm out forward and the ball out there like it is part of your forearm.  How many fumbles has he had?  I can hear what they are saying as the devil advocate on this one already,
“He is ahead of the defenders so that is the way to do it!”
“No.  If he is tackled by the feet from behind where he can’t see, he will have to land falling forward and that ball is likely to come out.”
“Sure you will say that the ground can’t cause a fumble.  Those are grey area sightings by the ref and therefore the referee calls. Also as he is being tackled it is too late to tuck the ball into his chest because as he is bringing it in that hatchet arm is coming out to take it out and the fumble therefore happens more opportunistically because of the counter force; same principle as the faster the baseball comes in the farther it can be hit?”
69 needs a haircut!  What was that catwalk stuff on the sideline?  That haircut would solve that issue.
You wonder if he is a homo?  Did you see that what the blacks call flaxing?  And they to figure that out is to read the biographies and see if he has a wife!  The paper would do us a favor if it listed M for married by the roster.  Why?  Because if 80% of them are homo’s we might not watch it?  I have a big problem with the false identity issue of successful people.  I look at that and say he is so dumb he doesn’t even know what sex he is!  Maybe the problem is with children’s minds being imprinted by minds that are not what they should be?
Missed some of the time here as I was out and about before until 4 and then midway through the game cooking some plain bought chicken wings I had prepared with yellow mustard, honey, four shakes of bitters, 4 drops of sesame seed oil, olive oil, a pinch of fennel, cilantro, oregano and a grind or two of black pepper.
10:31 left in Q4
How did our defender miss that interception on the San Francisco touchdown.  The least you do is deflect it! That is a rookie mistake.
Somewhere about here Arron Rodgers face looked like he lacked the confidence to win the game even though right after that we scored.
On defense you don’t run to try and hatchet the ball out, you run to tackle first and foremost.
3 seconds left?  McCarthy and Rodgers, you should never admit defeat!  You never admit defeat!  You never be the one who can’t wait until it is over before the clock runs out!  That was cold weather and NO field goal is guaranteed in cold weather!
And it was a good game and that is what it is all about!  Me, the fan watching it from my home and not them on the field, like they are at a hair salon or who the biggest swine eyed or cold teet horse jawed half time commentator is!!!  Charles Sumner would say, “Your commentary doesn’t even come from your own brains!”  You’re a national disgrace!
Do you really want to know what I think of this?  This is an incarnation of Confederate south rearing its ugly head again in the United States!  That pay to play a game concept is a delusion someone’s rich parent created for their children that did not truly do well academically in school so that they could contribute to the country!  Why don’t you have a commercial next with you standing alongside a mentally retarded child caused by the alcohol you sell at the games to make money?  OR why don’t you make a speech how the 20% of Americans who have dyslexia (it is caused by alcohol) and can’t read to follow instructions really don’t need to know that, all they need to do is play a childhood game and strive for that in life!  Just be the megalomaniac all your life in the United States until they pay you to play professional sports or insult someone who voices their opinion contrary to the political candidate you support!  46 million Americans are on food stamps and you are the role models of professionalism?

And that is the end of this season for the Packers.  Their record coming into the game was 8 wins 7 losses and one tie.  The 49'rs had 12 wins and 4 losses. 
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The season is over, start thinking of how you can clean our water so we can eat the fish in it; or at least think of how you should not stand in the way of those who want clean water. I saw plenty of not standing in the way today.

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